New sci-fi hits hard with Matt Hawkins upcoming GOLGOTHA graphic novel

This October, writer Matt Hawkins (Think Tank, Symmetry) with writer Bryan Hill (Postal, Romulus) and artist Yuki Saeki (GameSpace, Crash) come together to bring on Golgotha, a new gritty realistic science fiction graphic novel soon published by Image Comics.New

In the near future, a group of scientists and military operatives is sent on an interplanetary mission to develop Earth’s first off-world colony. While the crew of the Golgotha hibernates for travel, technology on Earth continues to advance—so much so that when they land on the planet, the crew finds it already inhabited…by another team from Earth that arrived years before they have. Now the crew of the Golgotha find themselves relics of their own time, unwanted by the colony that’s been expecting them for a generation. And this new planet holds its own secrets—secrets that could change the nature of humankind itself.

A 20-page preview of Golgotha is available here.

Golgotha combines my obsession with religion and science fiction, and was a fun project to do,” said Hawkins. “Bryan Hill and I always looked at this as a kind of Apocalypse Now meets 2001 mash-up.”

Golgotha is the most hardcore science fiction story I’ve worked on,” said Saeki. “It’s packed with action and mystery. I had fun drawing it.”

Golgotha arrives in comic book stores Wednesday, October 25th, and bookstores Tuesday, October 31st.

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