Destination: Your Hands in 2023 !

Stranger Worlds Quarterly is coming, a magazine of interstellar proportions, is in its early stages of development. This will be a curative mix of stories art, literature, activities, and much more; all stuffed into a 198-page pulpy paperback, for print and digital.

Not just science fiction based but also fantasy, supernatural, paranormal, cyberpunk, steampunk, abstract, and more with mixes of urban, noir, western, eastern, mythology and all that is born from the imagination and expands with creativity and fresh ideas, that also expand on who we are and where we go next.

More details soon, and chances for you to become part of the Stranger Worlds Quarterly Project.

Art by GrandeDuc/Shutterstock


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About Us

Proceed deep, into the STRANGER WORLDS!

This is our hub, shared with lovers of wonderful imaginative and creative works. Partake in our variations of fresh and revisited science fiction, fantasy, and other imaginary escapes. Our mission, is to explore these Stranger Worlds in every form through literature, visual art, motion, interactivity, music and mixtures of such. Along the way, we will seek samplings, previews, shorts, demos, displays of interesting findings. In our findings we encourage discussions, conversations, and perhaps new inspirations leading to further exploration of these Stranger Worlds.


COMING SOON: forms and info for submissions to our upcoming projects

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