Comic Reading Review: Saga #45

Saga #45

  • Writer: Brian K. Vaughan Artist: Fiona Staples
  • Published by: Image Comics Publish Date: July 26, 2017
  • Notes: Ongoing monthly series, with occasional breaks


“As Hazel and her family venture into the Badlands, their newest companion is left to hold down the fort on her own.”

Personal Thoughts (minor spoilers):

The Saga isn’t half over, according to a recent interview with the writer, Brian K. Vaughan. With the time breaks and Hazel’s upbringing, along with the constant twists and interesting directions of a multitude of characters. The time-passing is felt. #44 is the latest issue, after we last left off with an interesting ending, raising another big question for readers – what?!

So “Kurt” appears, and the explanation is an interesting one, adding more dip to the emotional rollercoaster of Alana’s miscarriage. Such raises questions, of what will eventually become of her stillborn inside. Also, the consequences of the projection bringing Hazel’s mother to near death is fascinating. Its interaction with Hazel feels genuine, yet surreal. Hazel’s childlike acceptance of the situation is beautiful, yet a sudden jolt when this ends (where Alana passes out).


Meanwhile, we have a large portion focusing on Petrichor, now enjoying her freedom. Until she encounters three Badland vigilante types. The situation does not end well, for what may have been bad intentions turning good, but too late. Don’t fuck with Petrichor, is learned for both the reader and the Badlanders present. Suddenly, a happy return before cutting back to Hazel and her family. But the usual question bothers me, towards where all this is going.

All could be well, but a warning connects the two plots of this story. The monsters ahead, leading to something on the last page, feeling more classic to how we love this series. Another surprise, to something that is alarming in visual. But, not quite should we misjudge. Still, being “in such very good hands,” looks very ominous in that presentation.

An overall wonderful issue, that feels great in parts. The brief action sequences with Petrichor are especially riveting and a reminder on how well-paced the moments of tension are. With that and all else, I find constant in Saga, it is enough for this reader to carry one and look forward to what happens next.

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