Doug Wagner will bring fresh, hot action in THE HARD PLACE, this August

Image Comics recently announced a new new high-energy action series startiDoug Wagner will bring fresh, hot action in THE HARD PLACE, this Augustng in August; The Hard Place by Doug Wagner, with artists Nic Rummel and Charlie Kirchoff.

In the The Hard Place , readers meet ex-con AJ Gurney, a legendary wheelman in Detroit, who has decided it’s time to go straight. He returns home to work in his father’s garage and disappear into anonymity. But during a visit to the bank, AJ is recognized by two violent bank robbers, and they demand AJ be their getaway driver. To ensure his compliance, they take a young female hostage; unfortunately, she happens to be the daughter of a Russian crime lord. AJ now finds himself pursued by a bitter police department and hunted by every asset of the Russian mob. Without a doubt, he’s in a very hard place.

“This book is crazy,” said Wagner. “If you’re into high-octane car chases, badass Russian mobsters, and nonstop chaos, THE HARD PLACE delivers all that in spades.”

The Hard Place #1 will have three covers, Cover A by Brian Stelfreeze, Cover B by Nic Rummel, and Cover C (a in Black and White) by Stelfreeze> All will launch in comic book stores on Wednesday, August 23rd.


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