Matt Wagner’s MAGE returns to Image Comics, this summer

Legendary creator and indy-comics pioneer Matt Wagner returns to bring fans the highly anticipated third and final story arc to Mage from Image Comics this summer, with Mage: The Hero Denied.

Mage returns with the intro-sized issue #0 in July and continues as a 15-issue series beginning with Hero Denied #1 in August.

This long-awaited conclusion to the epic fantasy trilogy Mage follows the adventures of the reluctant everyman hero Kevin Matchstick who—after encountering a shaggy and beguiling wizard—discovers he is the reincarnation of the legendary Pendragon and able to wield the power of the mystical weapon, Excalibur.

“The Hero’s journey can be long and arduous… but returning to the world of Mage always feels incredibly empowering,” said Wagner. “I’m really excited to finally be presenting this dramatic conclusion to the epic tales of Kevin Matchstick… and his third Mage.”

For those new to Mage, a reprint of the Mage: Volume 1 (The Hero Discovered) trade paperback will also be available on Wednesday, July 12th.

Mage: the Hero Denied #0 will arrive in comic stores on Wednesday, July 12th at the introductory price of $1.99. Mage: The Hero: Denied #1 will hit stores on Wednesday, July 24th.

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