Sex doll crime drama comic series PLASTIC is set for trade paperback

Image Comics will release its first five issues of Plastic, by writer Doug Wagner (Gun Candy, The Ride) and artists Daniel Hillyard and Laura Martin, in trade paperback available this October.

In Plastic, retired serial killer Edwyn Stoffgruppen is in love with Virginia, a girl he “met online.” Her affection quiets his vile urges. Together, they tour the back roads of America in their LTD Crown Vic, eating doughnuts and enjoying their insatiable appetites for each other. Life is good…until a Louisiana billionaire kidnaps Virginia, forcing Edwyn to kill again in exchange for her freedom. And the twist to all of this? Virginia is a sex doll.


Plastic trade paperback will arrive in stores on Wednesday, October 18th, and in bookstores on Tuesday, October 24th


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