ATOMAHAWK swings its heaviest metal fantasy your way, from Image Comics

“A screaming black hole feedback squall of death metal Kirby-kozmik energy spinning straight towards your prefrontal cortex…” said worshiped writer Grant Morrison, in a recent statement endorsing Atomahawk.

Atomahawk is a fan-favorite comics story by Donny Cates (God Country, Redneck), Ian Bederman, and Taylor Esposito, soon to be collected into a deluxe, full-color, oversized edition and available this October, from Image Comics.

First serialized in Heavy Metal magazine, Atomahawk is the out-of-this-world adventure of the Cyberzerker and his mighty Atomahawk. Readers will join them on their quest to free their imprisoned God.

“Atomahawk is what we call an ‘UNBREAKABLE STORY.’ Meaning anything can happen, and the story will remain in check, said Cates in an interview with Image+ magazine. “Time travel? Sure! Alien Gladiator games set on a giant rotting Frankenstein body stranded in space? Why not? We have SO MANY badass and insane ideas to show you all. HE-MAN FRONTING IRON MAIDEN AS LEAD SINGER WITH THE VOLUME TURNED UP TO LSD!!!! It’s a lot of fun, folks!”

Atomahawk #0 will rise in stores on Wednesday, October 11th.

SW CAPTAIN’S NOTE: Artwork above is from Donny Yates Twitter feed (@doncates), promoting Atomohawk for Heavy Metal Magazine #282. This looks like a lot of fun, which I will personally look forward in checking out!

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