After ‘Robots and Donuts’ comes ‘Robot Existentialism,’ a new art book by Eric Joyner.

Eric Joyner, the author of the art book Robots and Donuts will release his follow-up book; Robot Existentialism, a new work published by Dark Horse Comics, early next year.

In Robotic Existentialism: The Art of Eric Joyner, vintage toys are paired with pastries to create fascinatingly bizarre paintings. Such will feature the San Francisco-based artist’s newest and most impressive pieces—including The Horseshoe Bend, Daybreak, Movers and Shakers, and more. Much like the subjects of his paintings, Joyner’s artistic style is subtly nostalgic yet imaginatively unique. By juxtaposing familiar items with everyday foods, he creates whimsical masterpieces that have the power to both comfort and inspire.

Joyner’s work has appeared on the popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory, on the cover of Ben Folds Five’s album The Sound of the Life of the Mind, and has been featured at the Corey Helford Gallery for his most recent solo show, “Sweet Dominion,” in 2016. His new book, Robotic Existentialism: offers a collection that “entices the reader to stop, ponder the meaning of life, and perhaps savor a donut or two.”

The hardbound art collection hits bookstores February 21, 2018, and is now available for preorder on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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