Game Trailer – Death’s Gambit

Death’s Gambit Official Reveal Trailer


“Death’s Gambit is a challenging Action-RPG where you explore an alien medieval planet filled with beasts, knights, and horrors. Climb big creatures that will test your resolve. Fight dangerous monsters that will make you think outside the box. Sacrifice everything for glory.”

– Official site,

Personal Thoughts:

Foremost, its pleasing to see more indie game developers keep the spirit of 2D side scrollers alive and well. The heart of side scrollers can be as engaging and involving in storytelling as any (and more so for many classics) as any 3D or virtual reality gimmick out there. Also, when art and aesthetics apply well in a 2D side scroller, I think you get a special artistic touch one can truly appreciate in a game of this type.

That being said, the look and feel of Death’s Gambit proves that once again, 2D will never die. The gameplay looks great, and the challenges look epic. I say this, based on the excitement and grandness of the trailer. While it looks great as a hack and slash, it seems to go beyond. The care given to the backgrounds and specialized character designs (retro, but not going overboard as such) show a unique feel, with some serious worldbuilding; without weighing us down with text and unnecessary game mechanics.

And yes, riding and dealing with giants is bit reminiscent of the PS2 classic Shadow of the Colossus, but I don’t think that’s fair to make such a quick comparison (as another site said in its title, leading me to this). I think it just reminds me that this can be as great a game as that, using the very underused concept of attacking giants. With the Attack on Titan anime/manga being such a popular franchise, I think the appeal of giants in fantasy fiction is something that’s just being explored now (and not overused like zombies these days).

Overall, this game looks great. I can’t compare it too much else out there, which is a great thing. The music is a nice touch as well, adding enrichment to the gameplay..a must for any epic game. I look forward to seeing this game finished, and me playing it (hoping to reach the Steam or mobile app departments).

– Orion T 

Game cover art. Looks awesome.


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