Cosplay excellence at the 2019 Emerald City Comic Con


No modern-day pop-culture convention feels complete without the efficient cosplay dedication from many of its attendees. The 2019 Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle carried on that, with excellence!

However, those familiar with these events can expect no surprises in trends here. There were the usual Marvel and DC fanfare, with more influence from the movies and TV shows. Star Wars is usual, but didn’t catch my eye as much. Gamer cosplay attire continues to impress, as games like Overwatch and Fortnite have elaborate, challenging costume designs, putting their expert crafters to heavy work to achieve authenticity. I think the game designers in creating these characters, look forward to making its cosplay crafter fans really work for that authentic look.

Meanwhile, the main event for ECCC 2019, showcased as the Western Championships of Cosplay, featured many talent cosplayers on stage. Throughout the show, there was a focus on three categories – Needlework, Armor, and FX. Here is a complete video of that grand display…

So overall, an awesome impression everywhere at ECCC. I took some pictures of many costumes done from casual to expert level from fans walking around on and around the convention floor…

MissBoof  as Thor, using luminescent UV-coated eye contacts and LED lights.


Zamesta as Mercy from the Doctor Who “The Next Doctor” Christmas episode with a fairy friend.


Ollei Cosplay as Sugarplum Sylvana from Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft


Alternate dark multiverse “The Man Who Laughs” Batman from the DC Comics..


Samurai Mario!


Feel the power of Hulkamania!, BROTHER!!




Not sure, but fits well with the St. Patricks Day spirit, which crossed over this weekend.


Disney ladies!


Brilliant design work here!




Monterrey Jack and Gadget of the Rescue Rangers!



Photo Mar 17, 12 58 48 PM

Milly Craft as Princess Celesta from My Little Pony.


Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, I think. Costume had a cool glitter effect, which I could not quite capture here.


That’s all for this ECCC show, with added applause to all cosplayers who attended, and added that extra touch that in the overall enjoyable Con experience!

Emerald City Comic Con 2018, Exhibit Floor Adventures

Photo Mar 03, 10 59 37 AM

I love a good comic convention, especially in exploring its exhibit floor.

I recently attended the 2018 Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. I had a good time, as I often do with big gatherings likes this, mostly attending panels and shopping this time.

Here are some pictures of my time on and around the Exhibit Floor, with notes:

Photo Mar 03, 10 59 37 AM

The Image Comics booth, the place for ECCC for my current favorite publisher of comics. It’s pleasing to see Invincible finally getting as much space respect as The Walking Dead, both written and created by Robert Kirkman

Photo Mar 03, 10 59 52 AM

Oni Press set up next door, had a nice bog booth an an ever-present smile to greet attendees.

Photo Mar 01, 10 48 23 AM

The Weta Workshop booth set up a little distance away. On Thursday, was the start of this wonderful art piece (didn’t get the name of the artist). It was finished on Sunday, as you can see much later in the pics.

Photo Mar 03, 11 01 20 AM

Of course, there is some cosplay. I believe these two are from the hit indie game, Undertale.

Photo Mar 03, 10 57 27 AM

Jelly Belly promoted its crazy assortment of candied beans in one are. Here,  was dinosaur mosaic of their sugary bits.

Photo Mar 03, 10 58 10 AM

Ensign Ro and Janice Rand. Both very impressed that I knew their names. Such is a benefit to watching repeats of the classic series and Next Gen run.

Photo Mar 03, 5 39 52 PM

Patches. I wish for a good jacket to put some of these patches on, especially the Star Wars ones.

Photo Mar 03, 5 45 02 PM

One fan, showing me the most sought after exclusive of the show, being the Emerald Chrome Batman Funko Pop figure. Price was original $15.00 to those who planned ahead (and got chosen via a lottery to stand in a special line). The eBay value is around $500. Not kidding.

Photo Mar 04, 10 51 57 AM

Meanwhile at the Dodles booth where some guests may doodle art on small papers. Others are given hearts to place upon their favorites. I like this.

Photo Mar 03, 2 10 04 PM

Really awesome Thor: Ragnorak cosplay happened.

Photo Mar 03, 11 30 20 AM

Usagi YoJimbo traveling through!

Photo Mar 04, 11 50 02 AM.jpg

Artist at work ay one booth I forgot to get the name too. I like his scratchy etching style, but not sure what he was using there.

Photo Mar 04, 11 50 38 AM

Work samples from that booth.

Photo Mar 03, 11 32 33 AM

Disney Princesses being Goofy.

Photo Mar 03, 11 31 10 AM

S2 Heart Designs here. One of the many booths showing off some great design style. While some were on the exhibit floor, there is much more on the upper floor in the Artist Alley. I will feature that area in a separate post soon.

Photo Mar 04, 12 05 07 PM

Artist Erik Arreaga, showing some of his great work.

Photo Mar 01, 10 23 48 AM

A stupid spinny wheel thing from a movie studio booth. I spun and landed on “Try Again, Next Time.” Seriously, what terrible person puts that on a prize wheel?

Photo Mar 03, 6 29 54 PM

Ah, Bullet-Proof. Police Chief fighting crime in a future time, from the forgotten and very underrated 80’s cartoon COPS.

Photo Mar 04, 10 55 15 AM

Back at the Weta Workshop booth on the early Sunday.

And here is some sweet classic Marvel comics I purchased. Added to some of the Funko Pops, discounted graphic novels, buttons, and cheap stuff gained from the Exhibit Floor. Overall, a fun time for myself and those who love random browsing and treasure hunting. I will share more on this great 2018 ECCC show, soon.


Sakura-Con Northwest Anime Convention 2017 Show Memories…

Last weekend marked the 20th year of the Pacific Northwest’s oldest and most well-known anime convention, the annual Sakura-Con Northwest Anime Convention.

The three-day event brought much joy to lovers of not only the Japanese anime and related styles, but those of the manga, gaming and close cousins of geek culture entertainment. Over time, this convergence brought fans of all ages to experience the joy in various forms and presentations through theater, competition, cosplay, discussion panels, dances, concerts, and much, much more.

For 2017, the Sakura-Con had some great guests. Those of honor included anime director Hiroshi Nagaham (Mushishi), character designer/illustrator Kenichi Sonoda (Bubblegum Crisis, Riding Bean, Gall Force), anime director Yasuhiro Irie, (Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood), character designer/illustrator Shiki Douji (Full Metal Panic). Many more guests were present and were present for panels and autographs.

Meanwhile, I explored much of the Sakura-Con. Here are some personal notes and observations of my adventure…

Many people in costume, far more than the recent Emerald City Comic Con just weeks ago held in the same location.

Indoors and in the Exhibit Hall is often the first place I go to find many collectibles. Good quality figurines everywhere!

Many plushes of all shapes and sizes, familiar and unfamiliar, all huggable!

Sakura-Con,  for your cosplay and J-pop fashion wig accessories!

Here comes the Catbus (from My Neighbor Totoro)!

Some of the featured figures at the Good Smile booth,

One of many cheerful faces in the Exhibit Hall, this one representing the city of Hyōgo

It’s what’s inside that counts..

The work of Jackie Lo, who makes indie comics and ramen bowl heads (customized to fit upon Nenderoid figures). Follow her on Twitter – @pennydox

The Artist Alley at large, on two floors this year.

A place for the best headwear. I regret not buying the Mimikyu.

P-shinobi at the Boomslank Booth, an amazing artist and cool guy to chat with. Check out his work and high-quality merch at

The Neon-Genesis Evangelion panel gave a hilarious introduction for fans and Nerv aficionados.

Another panel featuring the best and worst of vintage Korean bootleg anime. Here’s Golden Bat!!

Games everywhere on the upper floor. All free to play, including the Jubeat rhythm chines.

A group dance tutorial, with an emphasis on K-Pop.

A drawing session, where the crowd gives ideas on what to draw and votes on the best! Lots of fun!

A costume contest on the Main Stage. Lots of amazing display. I would have captured more, but my camera battery died.

There was so much more to the Sakura-Con, pretty much impossible to experience it all in just a few days. A wonderful time was had, with much also missed (next year, for sure!!).  I have more pics and notes to share, especially with the cosplay. Look for bonus Sakura Con postings up soon, here at Stranger Worlds!

Cosplay of the 2017 Emerald City Comic Con

No modern comic convention is complete without the participations of its attendees, especially with the cosplay.

This sub-culture of costuming at the 2017 Emerald City Comic Con brought more life to the present fandom. Comics, games, movies, television, all well represented through a mix of the familiar and unfamiliar. Though, nothing this time felt too popular in frequency. Less were the Harley Quinns, Deadpools, Links, Batmans, Marvel movie fanfare (though a slight increase in Doctor Stranges. I noticed more mashups, crossplays, obscurities, and shoutouts to the indie scene of current pop-culture media.

Below are some pictures, displayed below (click on each pic for costume identification)…

That’s all for this year at the ECCC. I look forward to next year!

– Orion T

(photo credits – taken March 2017 by Orion T for ask permission and credit the site if sharing elsewhere)

SW 2017 Emerald City Comic Con Show Report

The 2017 Emerald City Comic Convention in Seattle happened last weekend, delighting many for its 15th successful year.

I attended for my 5th consecutive year.

I spent one full day through what some say is the largest comics convention in the Pacific Northwest. That which is sad, being the comic books presence was not front and center for this year. Attending for my fifth year, I felt disappointed. Its artist alley, located on an upper floor while back issues, trades, and graphic novels sellers were held further back. The larger comic publishers (Image, Dark Horse, Valiant, Boom!, Oni) stood tall and proud, yet somewhat hidden in the mass jungle of gaming, anime, pop-culture merch and pop sci-fi art dealers and small publishers. Still, much fun for the attendees who now come to these comic conventions in search for such. I, being a comic enthusiast wished better for the struggling sequential arts industry.

Yet, there was a good presence of creative talent present, both old and new.  The great Stan Lee was present, in panels and for autographs. Most of the Image Comics founders were also present for their 25th anniversary for a panel and signings; including Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld, Erik Larsen, Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio, and Jim Valentino. Sadly, no core founder Jim Lee present. Meanwhile, in Artist Alley, many familiar faces to the comics industry were also present; Tim Sale, Mike Mignola, Jeff Lemire, Mark Waid, Babs Tarr, Scott Snyder, andm more.

I was also pleased to see the growing presence of webcomics among the traditional monthly comics. Cyanide and Happiness, The Oatmeal, Agents of the Realm, Namesake, The Meek, and more were present. Such brings hope, that perhaps the comics industry will change and accept the digital frontiers. Then perhaps, learn from the new pioneers in web-coming publishing.

Drawing the bigger numbers were the pop-culture celebs, which included stars from well-known entertainment shows like Daredevil, Stranger Things, Star Trek, Walking Dead. They came, and talked, and signed many things. Such are vital to the success of the show. But, I had little time and patience for the long lines.

So, I walked around a lot and purchased much from the sellers and publishers present. Below, are some pictures and notes of my ECCC 2017 experience.

The crowds were a plenty, and so were the cosplayers. Here, many lined up for a mandatory weapon check. I feel safer already!

No convention or geek-culture pop fest is complete without some attendee dress-up. Here, are two Hobbits.

The best booths here at the ECCC involve the mix of creatives and their products. Here, the cartoonists behind the hit webcomic Cyanide and Happiness, and new hit game Joking Hazard..greeted fans and signed for a bit.

Shane White, present at the Steve Jackson booth for his work as Guest Artist for the new Munchkin Pathfinder game.

Here is Barry Kitson, a professional artist from a range of well-known Marvel and DC comics titles. He was sketching the Hero Initiative booth, a non-profit charity helping comic creators in a time of desperate need. For more info, visit

I did not quite get what this costume referred to or about, but I love it!

A Green Lantern group pose, with a little extra green from a possible leprechaun photobomber.

The God of Thunder vs. the Grouch of Sesame.

Pokemon never die, they just multiply. Pickacheers!!

I met Marguerite Bennett at the Aftershock Comics booth. She is the author of one of a new favorite comic series, Animosity, of which she signed the volume 1 trade paperback in her hand.

Comic cons lately have been host to many booths of glorious fan art prints and interpretations. Mike Vasquez had his display. See more at

I like how this booth utilized its floor space. Check out Terry Huddleston’s work at

Part of the fun of the Comic Cons are the discoveries of new reads. Sometimes, they discover you. Here, self-publisher Travis Vengroff sold me a hardcopy of his new book, Liberty Deception. It’s a sci-fi dystopian thriller, of which I will be reading soon.

Back at the Explosm booth, where the Cyanide and Happiness crew are busy in their cartooning.

A print purchased from the great Duck and McDuck Disney family comics artist, Don Rosa.

I purchased many comics from the back issue bins. This was a favorite among them.

Later into the night, the ECCC Western Championships of Cosplay show…

There was a good mix of masterful hand-made costumes. Many cheers from the audience in return.

Overall, I had a good time at the ECCC for 2017. I spent more than I expected, but with no regrets. I also took more picture of some attendees in colorful cosplay attire. Those will be shown soon, in another posting featuring my favorites in costume as see on the show floors. Look forward!

– Orion T

(photo credits – taken March 2016 by Orion Tippens for ask permission and credit the site if sharing elsewhere)


A Seasonal Visit to the Harry Potter themed Gingerbread Village…


This year’s (24th) Gingerbread Village at the Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Seattle, is a most magical one. This new theme is all in on the world of Harry Potter.

Last year’s Gingerbread Village theme was all about the Star Wars. Now, it’s gone full Hogwarts with displayed exteriors made mostly out of reinforced gingerbread, frosting, candy bits, lots of jellybeans and other sugary snacks best used for such display. Each display developed from the work of an architecture firm and lead “chef.” Also involved were children (aka “Elves”) dealing with Type 1 Diabetes, promoting the cause of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) for treatments and research.

For those who wish to visit, the Sheraton is located near the Washington State Convention Center in Downtown Seattle, in their lobby. The Gingerbread Village is now free to the public until January 1, 2017. You are encouraged to also give a monetary amount to the JDRF Northwest Chapter. For more site and event information including info on the chefs and elves who created these masterpieces (and to donate directly), click here.

Below are my pics of each display, based on the first six books by J.K Rowling, and the movies based upon such. Click on each for the impressive details…

“Book 1” (The Sorcerer’s Stone)

“Book 2” (Chamber of Secrets)

“Book 3” (Prisoner of Azkeban)

“Book 4” (Goblet of Fire)

“Book 5” (Order of the Phoenix)

“Book 6” (Half-Blood Prince)

– Orion T
Photo credits: Orion Tippens, December 2017

Cosplay Memories of the 2016 Emerald City Comic Con..


Much of the 2016 Emerald City Comic Convention in Seattle was about the fans.

Such was a great time for people taking their fandom to a higher level. The best colors one could take in for a comics convention, is to appreciate the best icons our modern pop-culture brings out by the fans in costume. But also, there is joy in seeing the obscure, the almost forgotten, the alternate interpretations surprise suddenly appear as cosplay. The ECCC had some great variety all around from all entertainment mediums, with the latest rising popularity in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

I took some pictures, displayed below (click on each pic for costume identification)…

That’s all for this year at the ECCC. I look forward to next year!

– Orion T

(photo credits – taken March 2016 by Orion T for ask permission and credit the site if sharing elsewhere)

Fun Times at the 2016 Emerald City Comic Con..


Last weekend, the Emerald City Comic Con happened in much awesome splendor and good times.

Still in the Seattle city, the ECCC took it’s 14th annual turn under the new management of ReedPOP (best known for their New York Comic Con). This was my 4th year in attendance, being happy for much of it. I enjoyed the Exhibit Floor for the most part, with a great choice of local and indie creative talent. But, I wish there was more of a presence by the big comics publishers for show exclusives and signings. Venders were in good supply for those who like comics and toys. Games were very much distant and in a different area, easily missed unless engaged in such activity.

Overall, good fun for those who enjoy the art of browsing and shop. I took some pictures and notes, with favorite highlights featured below..

Invader Zim fans, or Grr and company showing off clever human disguises? ..hmm


Always a cheer to see a row of artists engaged with fans.


Star Wars cosplay was big as usual, but now with more Reys and Kylos.


Comics artist legend Neal Adams, signs an original work of his, Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali


A favorite thing for this con was the abundance of dirt cheap comics, with much at 10, 25, 50 cents, and 3 for a dollar. Many cheapskates rejoiced in this epic treasure hunt!


One of the best panels of the show, a live sketch by the artists of popular web-comic Cyanide and Happiness. Most of it was very adult, with heavy bathroom humor, as directed by the audience giving them ideas on what to draw.


We also got some local Seattle vibes here, with local team spirit on display.  NFL  cornerback Richard Sherman was among the con guests for this year.


Podcasters are showing more presence at these convention gatherings. Here, I met and discussed Marvel’s Mutants with the hosts of the Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men podcast.


Though a bit in decline, there are still some booths with some awesome Japanese import figurines.


The Chibi Essense booth, full of fandom and cute craft.


Author David J. West represented the Illuminati in the much fun “Choose your own Apocalypse” live role-play at the Space Balrogs panel. I have his book now, of which I will enjoy reading soon.


Old school Spider-Man artist Randy Emebrlin, doing what he does best


A sampling of the awesome prints, one could buy at this and similar comic cons.


Fluffy colorful furriness on the Exhibit floor


Sci-fi author Eric Laster, hiding behind his awesomeness.


Echoing within the Emerald City, from the Spooky Forest..


At these comic cons, zombies will never die..


Famed author Patrick Rothfuss entertains the large crowd for a while..


Walking Dead (Shane) and Daredevil (Punisher) star Jon Bernthal, mellows out with fans


I think League of Legends, though not quite sure.


That’s enough commentary for now. Stay tuned here on SW for another entry on this year’s ECCC show, the cosplay!

– Orion T

(photo credits – taken March 2016 by Orion T for ask permission and credit the site if sharing elsewhere)


A Holiday Season Visit to the Star Wars Gingerbread Village

Photo Nov 28, 7 59 56 PM (1)

The Force is strong with this year’s (23rd) Gingerbread Village at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel. It’s all Star Wars!

Pictured below, are huge Star Wars movie themed displays with exteriors made mostly out of reinforced gingerbread, frostings, candy bits, lots gummies, and a gazillion other sugary bits and bites. Each display developed from the work of an architecture firm and lead “chef.” Also involved were children (aka “Elves”) dealing with Type 1 Diabetes, promoting the cause of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) for treatments and research.

For those who wish to visit, it’s located near the Washington State Convention Center in Downtown Seattle, the Sheraton hotel. The Gingerbread Village is free to the public until January 3rd, 2016. You may also donate money to the (JDRF) Northwest Chapter. For more site and event information (and donation info), click here.

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Episode IV: A New Hope

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Episode I: The Phantom Menace

– Orion T
Photo credits: Orion Tippens, December 2015

2015 PAX PRIME Pics & Notes, Part 2 – People


(continued from Part 1: Places)

The best part of PAX Prime?

Some would say the games, the featured content of what attendees came for. But I think, it’s the people of these conventions that make the travel as worthwhile. Here, are some pics of people that made the show memorable and fun…


The PAC-MAN fever is strong in this PAX!


Bethesda, makers of the Fallout franchise, brought out the inner Vault Boys in many goers!


Many came here to game and engage in massive tournaments. Good luck to all of them!


A new game is coming out based on the world of Mad Max. This group I think was helping to promote, or just show that they are ready for the coming post Apocalypse.


Not sure what game these awesome cosplayers are from (probably League of Legends).


The other Raiden vs Kung Lao..


King’s Quest 2015, Art director Evan Cagle did some sweet living drawing at the Sierra booth,


These awesome ladies display much classic gaming pride..


Not sure which game (or maybe anime) this family is from, but this reminds me that I should update my medical insurance soon.


Deep underneath the PAX, a small room for new card games were presented by their makers. My favorite was Bad Detectives, a story building game of murder and suspense by Zach Burton.


Elan Lee, and Mathew Inman (of The Oatmeal); creators of Exploding Kittens, the most successful Kickstarter project yet. They signed my Exploding Kittens game!  The other picture (not here) I took was really blurry. At least I got the hand sanitizer in good unsung hero of PAX for some.


Two (of the eight) co-creators of Cards Against Humanity..I forgot to jot their names down. They signed a random card for me and gave good cheer!


A Red cosplayer, from the game Transistor. Always love when fans show pride in the lesser known but just as good entertainment properties out there.


Erik Kjerland gave a most excellent demo of his new and violently fun sci-fi sports game, Slaughterball..


Meanwhile at the Capcom booth, Ryu and Chun-Li can’t wait for the new Street Fighter V game!


A cosplayer from League of Legends..


Part of the fun of PAX are the “Pinny Arcade” pin collectors. Some pins are worth a lot, as some enthusiasts can get pretty hardcore. Here is one page from a collector.


Another page..


Some just got any pins to put upon. A lanyard is always a good place..


From Borderlands? I think..


A Dalek showed up, ready to EXTERMINATE!!


Solid Snake sneaks around, in time for the release of Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain..


From Pokemon, I think.


Promotion for the Mad Max video game was well received by the PAXers, especially with the pimped out cars lined up near the entrance.


Here’s one..


That’s all for now for this year in pictures and notes for PAX Prime 2015. Thanks to all who partook in this grand show, and those who read this far. I enjoyed this much, and hope you did too.

– Orion T