A Seasonal Visit to the Harry Potter themed Gingerbread Village…


This year’s (24th) Gingerbread Village at the Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Seattle, is a most magical one. This new theme is all in on the world of Harry Potter.

Last year’s Gingerbread Village theme was all about the Star Wars. Now, it’s gone full Hogwarts with displayed exteriors made mostly out of reinforced gingerbread, frosting, candy bits, lots of jellybeans and other sugary snacks best used for such display. Each display developed from the work of an architecture firm and lead “chef.” Also involved were children (aka “Elves”) dealing with Type 1 Diabetes, promoting the cause of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) for treatments and research.

For those who wish to visit, the Sheraton is located near the Washington State Convention Center in Downtown Seattle, in their lobby. The Gingerbread Village is now free to the public until January 1, 2017. You are encouraged to also give a monetary amount to the JDRF Northwest Chapter. For more site and event information including info on the chefs and elves who created these masterpieces (and to donate directly), click here.

Below are my pics of each display, based on the first six books by J.K Rowling, and the movies based upon such. Click on each for the impressive details…

“Book 1” (The Sorcerer’s Stone)

“Book 2” (Chamber of Secrets)

“Book 3” (Prisoner of Azkeban)

“Book 4” (Goblet of Fire)

“Book 5” (Order of the Phoenix)

“Book 6” (Half-Blood Prince)

– Orion T
Photo credits: Orion Tippens, December 2017

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