Gaming preview – Encoyda, a light-hearted dystopian adventure


Keep an eye out for Encoyda…for casual gamers wanting more story and setting with the wit and style of the 90s’ era of PC point and click adventures classics, also set in a dystopian future yet remains cute and light-hearted.

Encoyda is an upcoming game that follows the adventures of the little orphan Tina and her big clumsy guardian robot SAM-53. The two are on a mission that could change forever the dark world they live in.

The game is developed by Nicola Piovesan and Chaosmonger Studio, a multi-media company whose venture into games is an interesting shift. Here’s a trailer of their upcoming game, recently revealed.

The game mechanic is typical of classic point and click games where you walk around, explore a scene, interact with the items and talk with the characters. However, the developer introduced some randomization elements, to make each game unique with intuitive objects interactions. For example, you can collect some liquid substance using either an empty bottle or a mug, and in each game, only one of them will be available. There are also tons of easter eggs and hidden secrets to find.

Here is a gameplay video…

A free demo will be available for free on Wednesday 19th June to those who subscribe to the Encoyda newsletter. The full game remains in development, with its release date yet to be announced.  You can also follow the project on social media through Facebook and Instagram.

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