Surrealist popstar, Poppy reveals her Genesis in an upcoming graphic novel


YouTube’s hit pop star artist, Poppy, is set to take on her unique style into the sequential arts with her graphic novel, Genesis One: A Poppy Graphic Novel. The book will be co-written by collaborator Titanic Sinclair along with Ryan Cady and will feature art by Masa Minoura and Ian McGinty.

Published under Z2 Comics, the 24-year old artist known for surrealist overtones and her unique self-presentations, sets a story that will delve into her mysterious origins with this graphic novel 168-page story…

Is she a girl? Is she a machine? Is she humanity’s redemption, or its damnation? Don’t be scared — either way, she is Poppy…and you love Poppy….. I am Poppy. I am Poppy. I am Poppy. I am Poppy. I am Poppy. I am Poppy.

Genesis 1 is set to arrive in comic stores on July 10, 2019. A special deluxe edition (oversized 9×15 hardcover slipcased edition with album, signed, and limited to 500 copies) is available for preorder now, at 

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