Black Cloud: Volume 1, No Exit trade paperback, coming this October.

The Black Cloud comic series, by Ivan Brandon (Drifter, Wolverine) and Jason Latour (Southern Bastards, Spider-Gwen), with artist Greg Hinkle (The Rattler, Airboy) and colorist Matt Wilson (Paper Girls, Wicked +The Devine) will be released as a collected trade paperback, this October.

Black Cloud: Volume 1, No Exit will collect the first five issues, featuring the opening arc of the darkly ethereal fantasy series.

Zelda’s about to start a war of dreams. In the days when story and reality were one, the old blood—people with the power to shape stories—built a new world to escape the future we all came to live in. Generations later, Zelda rejects the old blood’s dreams and escapes into our world to run from destiny. But destiny has a nasty way of catching up to you.

Black Cloud, Volume 1: No Exit hits up the comic book stores on Wednesday, October 11th, and bookstores on Tuesday, October 17th.

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