PaRappa the Rapper, Gitaroo Man game creators bring on PROJECT RAP RABBIT via Kickstarter

The original creators behind the cult game classics PaRappa The Rapper and Gitaroo Man joined together and recently unveiled their new rhythm-action game collaboration via a Kickstarter funding projectProject Rap Rabbit (working title).

Masaya Matsuura of Nana-On Sha and Keiichi Yano of iNiS J are the earliest pioneers of the rhythm-action game genre, often with a narrative edge.  Nana-On Sha is best known for PaRappa The Rapper and UmJammer Lammy, and soon after iNiS J developed Gitaroo Man, Elite Beat Agents.

Masaya Matsuura and Keiichi Yano have known each other for over 20 years. Now, they work together to bring Rap-Rabbit to life…


More details from their Kickstarter program…

Now, Matsuura-san and Yano-san are set to Project Rap Rabbit to life as a narrative-driven rhythm-action game. The setting is an alternate version of 16th Century Japan, where the world grows more hostile as the populace becomes increasingly concerned by the growing diversification of their lands. It is amongst this backdrop of growing isolationism and protectionism that a young rabbit farmer, Toto-Maru, steps up to unify his home. Using the power of Rap to draw strength from music, he finds he’s able to influence the world’s ruling powers through rhythm and rhyme. Only by facing off against the world’s rulers in epic rap battles is he able to counter corruption and bring peace to this divided land.

Combining their vast experience in the genre, Matsuura-san and Yano-san are looking to push the boundaries of the genre in a new direction. While modern rhythm-action frequently asks players to strive for linear perfection, Project Rap Rabbit will allow gamers to alter the flow of their rap battle in real time, changing the lyrics and emotional direction on the fly, as they look to best their opponents in dynamic one-on-one encounters.

Currently, they have a goal set for $1,105,872, with hopeful plans to release on the Playstation 4 and PC (via Steam).

Full details for Project Rap Rabbit over at the Official Kickstarter Page. Click here for more details.

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