Short Film Find: STRANGE BEASTS, augmented reality gone too far?!

Strange Beasts


  • Director, Writer, Producer: Magali Barbé
  • Published: Sunday, March 19th on
  • Source:
  • Time: 5:19

Synopsis: “A sci-fi short about augmented reality. “Strange Beasts” is an augmented reality game. It allows you to create and grow your own virtual pet. How far can it go?

Personal Thoughts: Creepy, because this fantasy is not far from reality. It’s got all the feel of an episode of Black Mirror, including a dark twist to the end. The far effects of this AR and eventual VR would be interesting to the effect of one’s mental health and long-term sanity. The loneliness at the end has me pondering, what if more people engaged in this AR game? I think back to the silly episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (“The Game“). That and this situation seems dark and creepy, but at least the victims are happy, right?!

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