Comic Book Review: The Fiction #1


The Fiction (#1)

  • Writer: Curt Pires
  • Artist: David Rubin
  • Colorist: Michael Garland
  • Letterer: Colin Bell
  • Published by: Boom! Studios
  • Pages: 27, Publish Date: June 17, 2015
  • Notes: Monthly series


“Four childhood friends discover a box of strange books that, when read aloud, can transport them to the beautiful, imaginary worlds described within. But when one of them goes missing, the others vow never to reveal where they’ve been and what they’ve seen. Years later, when one of the remaining kids, now an adult, also mysteriously disappears, it’s up to the last two of the group to dig up their dusty books to find him and finally figure out what happened to their friend all those years ago.”

Personal Thoughts (minor spoilers):


We got a story that delivers mystery, light horror, fantasy, and some characterization. As to the potent use of each, not so much. We have merely a set-up of things to come, and what feels like a beginning chapter to something more. As to what that more is, it is hard to say.

So goes the question I have in mind, what is the deal with these books? Are these dimensional portals, or some sort of contained magic? Is the nature of it all good or evil, cursed or blessing?  Yes, there are some Locke and Key, Unwritten vibes. But I am hoping this is not just another of those see how all the vines intertwine because the characters parents did something ages ago kind of thing.  The kids are interesting enough, for keeping a strange secret and having crazy adventures. That’s something I hope we come back to in later issues. But in looking back, I kind of hope the strange things are keep us guessing.


As adults flashed forward, life seems a bit boring and mundane. Those left lead dull, useless lives..that is until The Fiction is back in their lives. I have vibes of  Stephen King’s It but with a smaller cast, which may not be a bad thing, because no clown is involved..I hope. There seems to be some childlike innocence in the our starring protagonists (Max and Kassie) left..just enough for them to go back.  We may just find out what happened to the others (Tyler and Tsang).

Story is okay for a start; not too heavily emotional invested in the characters yet. But still, a nice setup for things to come as nothing feels too rushed. We leave interesting and the building of them to future issues, as we can only place faith in the writer should we continue.

What I really love about The Fiction are the panel transitions, the flow of the sequential art. The transitions from panel to panel are masterful. A great use of how the line of sight follows, creating an illusion of motion. The size and frequency of the panels helps the mood. I love it all in the grand display from start to finish, as I think this style is not used all too often. But sweet, when pulled off well..


So that being said, the art is also stylish. Not my preference with the somewhat cartoonish tones. But still, there is emotion and depth to the expressions and posture. I also enjoy the lettering and sound effects. A bit old fashioned, but builds well upon the moments with its well-placed choice of placement.


So overall, The Fiction is off to a good start. Not brilliant, but intriguing. The ending to the first, takes the mystery up a step. Perhaps, think of it as a first chapter to something more. A series that may possess you, if the buildup takes over.



Orion T

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