3 fantastic (and free to listen) short story audio finds…

Free short stories found on elsewhere, picked by me and presented to you..

Alien World

In my busy hours while performing mundane tasks, I like to put on headphones and listen to large clusters of words spoken, on whatever portable device I have that allows. This is best when these tell of someone else’s world and interesting situation contained within. With the right voice and matching voice, I find myself deeply involved with the good story. Even better, I would like to share some of these findings.

So, enjoy some free audio science fiction, fantasy, horror fiction from various podcasts I follow. Today, I present three, selected by me (Orion T), recently put online on the last few months.

To play each one, simply click on the title of each entry. I suggest you save them into whatever portable device you may have, with a good set of headphones. Links to more on the podcast, writer and speaker, text and extra info follow…


Publishing Source: Clarkesworld Magazine Author: A Que Translated by: John Chu Read by: Kate Baker Time: 55.5 minutes Published: May 2015 issue of Clarkesworld Magazine (#104) Notes: Text version is here. For more, visit and support clarkesworldmagazine.com

A story with dark humor on life or death, with a robot willing to help with either.


Publishing Source: Escape Pod for this audio (original in Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine, Aug 2012) Author: Jason Sanford Read by: Marguerite Kenner Time: 57:47  minutes Published: Escape Pod #491  Notes: Text version is here.  For more, visit and support escapepod.org

A story filled with suspense and survival in space, against a rogue AI hologram and a dooming comet.


Publishing Source: Clarkesworld Magazine Author: Emily Devenport Read by: Kate Baker Time: 52 minutes Published: April 2015 issue of Clarkesworld Magazine (#103) Notes: Text version is here. For more, visit and support clarkesworldmagazine.com

An earthly story about a woman trapped in her home, with giant kaiju monsters run amuck outside.


Hope you enjoy. If I find you do, I will post more in the future!

– Orion T





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Writer, photographer, editor, local traveler. Also, very engaged with the production and interactivity of creative work, especially in the realms of science fiction and fantasy. Follow my personal adventures at travelingorion.com, and reports of sci-fi/fantasy at strangerworlds.com.

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