Seven Seas set to release Cutie Honey: The Classic Collection manga, next summer

Honey Flash!!!

Seven Seas Entertainment recently acquired new rights to reprint the original Cutie Honey classic manga into one hardcover omnibus as Cutie Honey: The Classic Collection, set to release in the summer of 2018.

Cutie  Honey is the original magical transforming heroine from Japan, with a history going back to 1973. The original manga became an instant cult classic, leading to multiple TV shows and a live-action movie.

Cutie Honey is also the creative work of legendary manga cartoonist, Go Nagai. With a career spanning 50 years, Go Nagai created many immensely popular series including Devilman and Getter Robo, and Cutie Honey–his edgy magical girl aimed at boys–remains one of his most influential works to this day.

The North American release for Cutie Honey: The Classic Collection, in one complete hardcover, will flash on July 3, 2018, for $24.99 US.

CAPTAIN’s NOTE: I am a huge fan of Cutie (or Cutey) Honey from the various anime series of her. I am excited about the news of the manga. Soon, I hope the classic 70’s anime series will eventually see the light on local DVD and Blu-Ray releases.

Seven Seas set to bring back CAPTAIN HARLOCK manga classics

Seven Seas Entertainment recently announced their plans to publish the Captain Harlock: The Classic Collection, a reprint collection of Leiji Matsumoto’s original manga, for the first official time in North America, in print. The Captain Harlock: The Classic Collection will arrive in two separate, large trim hardcover omnibus editions.

The opening story follows after a mysterious sphere collides with Tokyo, legends seemingly born of the ancient Mayan civilization appear. But in truth, the beings are alien invaders known as the Mazone, plant women who wandered the earth in bygone ages–and have now returned to make it theirs. With a ragtag crew of renegades at his side, only the space pirate Captain Harlock has what it takes to save the planet.

“Publishing this archetypal series, which is now celebrating its 40th anniversary, is a real privilege,” says Seven Seas publisher Jason DeAngelis. “Everyone knows who Captain Harlock is from all the books, anime, and films about him–but until now, Leiji Matsumoto’s original manga wasn’t available in North America. We’re thrilled to finally bring this blockbuster to its longtime fans and give the manga itself the VIP treatment it deserves.”

Captain Harlock: The Classic Collection: Volume 1 will release on April 24, 2018, for $24.99 US.

Go Nagai’s original DEVILMAN manga series, to see new light in 2018

“To fight a demon, one must become a demon”.

Seven Seas Entertainment recently announced its license acquisition for the original 1972 Devilman manga series by Go Nagai and the 40th-anniversary Devilman VS. Hades manga series by Go Nagai and Team Moon!

Devilman: The Classic Collection is the original manga by Go Nagai first published in 1972, a dark tale following Akira Fudo as he harnesses the power of the demon Amon and transforms into the powerful Devilman. Devilman VS. Hades is a stand-alone sequel, continuing from the end of the original manga and following Akira’s new quest in hell–with a surprise showdown between Devilman and the legendary mecha, Mazinger Z!

Both series will be translated by acclaimed manga classics expert Zack Davisson.

Devilman: The Classic Collection manga series will be officially released for the first time in North America in print as two large trim hardcover omnibus editions. The Devilman VS. Hades manga series will also be released for the first time in North America in print, in single volume softcover editions.

“It’s an incredible honor to bring Go Nagai’s original Devilman to North America in special deluxe hardcover editions,” says Seven Seas editor-in-chief Adam Arnold. “And of all the Devilman spin-offs and sequels over the years, Devilman VS. Hades is an especially great one with amazing art and tons of Go Nagai bang for your buck. These two series are the perfect combination of timeless classic and modern continuation.”

Devilman: The Classic Collection, Volume 1 is set for release on March 6, 2018, for $27.99, in time for the upcoming new Netflix original Devilman: Crybaby anime series.

Devilman VS. Hades, Volume 1 is set for release on February 13, 2018, for $12.99.