Return to Stranger Worlds, as the search begins anew

Looking to the Stranger Worlds, again. Yet, searching can sometimes lead us astray.

Excess looking can lead to distractions, and then forgetting what we searching for. To travel through in search of Stranger Worlds, one can be led astray towards personal responsibilities, maintenance, and answering old transmissions. Then comes those chances for stillness, and then suddenly one forgets to wait for the next stop. That leads to missing out.

Yet, Stranger Worlds are still out there.

Then, we look around and suddenly find ourselves stranded with the familiar and mundane. What happened? Where are we now? Where were we going? To look around, we can be confused and struggle with misdirection. And then, we can end up stuck in a maze, in search of inspiration and freshness, but lost in duties and maintenance. Our familair world can be very demanding when difficult times pull us back.

Eventually, we should miss the joys of exploration and discovery. To remember there are endless undiscovered worlds, with treasures and fresh delights waiting to be found. To make new friends, delight in rivalries, find new loves, we must find ourselves and renew the search. To find seek new tastes, feel fresh sensations, take apart our senses and reconfigure. Be blown away by what’s new, and treasure the fantastic. Share in our delights, however and on whatever we can.

And we will find these Stranger Worlds, perhaps sooner than we think. It’s all in the search.

That brings me back to here, a vessel for what’s ahead. And there’s where we are now in this redevelopment of We seek to try new things and new ways to go about them, while still keeping to our mission to support creative talent, and share in new wonderful stories, art and more, along the way. I will share more on all this soon, as we many surprises and new wonders to share. And sharing goes both ways, as we hope to build our company anew.

Join us, and let’s seek out and explore the Stranger Worlds, as our search begins anew.

To be continued…

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