Comic cyberpunk thriller Thumbs, set for TP release, this winter


Image Comics recently announced a trade paperback collection of Thumbs, a rapid-paced, science-fiction series by award-winning playwright and comics writer Sean Lewis (Coyotes, The Few) and award-winning artist Hayden Sherman (The Few). This trade paperback collects the complete series, issues #1-5, and set for release in January 2020.

The story sets Adrian Camus, a rockstar tech designer, recruits children who excel at his games into his real-life war against the Power, a group of politicians and advocates aiming to take Camus’ tech away from the people. Following a life-altering injury, eponymous recruit Thumbs finds himself torn between two sides of the muddy, escalating conflict.

Image Comics presents thumbs as heartfelt, action-packed, and forward-thinking, a standalone story for fans of Black Mirror, Blade Runner, and Tokyo Ghost.

The Thumbs trade paperback will be available in comic book stores and digital apps on Wednesday, January 29 and in bookstores on Tuesday, February 4.

Here is a 4-page preview in the meantime (huge thanks to Image Comics):

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