Paul Pope’s cyberpunk classic, Heavy Liquid, anniversary edition is set

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Paul Pope’s critically acclaimed, science-fiction/cyberpunk classic comic book Heavy Liquid will arrive on shelves anew as a 20th-anniversary remastered edition trade paperback, from Image Comics this August.

The original series originally released as a five-issue comic story from DC’s Vertigo imprint. Heavy Liquid became an underrated hit in time with an Eisner Award-nominated and listed as TIME Magazine’s 100 most important science fiction graphic novels of its decade.

Heavy Liquid takes place in a future where New York has evolved into a sci-fi metropolis, following a fugitive called “S”—on the run from a murderous gang—who becomes entwined in a mystery that’s littered with love and drugs. At the heart of this mystery is an addictive substance called Heavy Liquid that’s both a drug and an art form. In his search for the one artist skilled enough to render Heavy Liquid into a perfect sculpture, S finds himself battling deadly psychopathic foes as well as the inner demons of addiction. If he can survive these physical and mental trials, S might just discover the shocking secret behind Heavy Liquid, and find a love he thought lost forever.

This new edition will collect issues #1-5 of the Heavy Liquid series and feature newly remastered colors by Pope to restore them to his original vision, making them more vibrant and powerful. This new edition is designed and edited by the artist himself, restores the artwork for the first time to its original “widescreen” format (wider than typical US comics), and features a newly refined two-color palette. The opening and closing 16 pages are in full color, including newly designed artwork for this edition and all of the original “virgin” cover designs, with logos and added type removed.

The Heavy Liquid 20th-anniversary trade paperback edition will arrive in comic shops on Wednesday, June 19.

In the meantime, here’s a preview:

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