E3 2018: GreedFall, an upcoming historical fantasy fiction game



Amidst the many new games at the E3 2018 show, a new trailer for GreedFall shares the spotlight.

GreedFall is an upcoming RPG game set in a 17th century setting mixed in magic, developed by Spiders Games. It sets for a tone inspired by European Baroque art, depicting grandiose sceneries in muted warm colors and dark undertones.

Here is more from a press release given by its publisher, Focus Interactive:

This E3 Trailer reveals the origins of GreedFall’s story, as settlers, mercenaries and treasure hunters, fleeing a continent plagued by pollution and an incurable disease, set foot on a remote island seeping with magic, rumored to be filled with riches and lost secrets. A grand journey filled with mystery follows, as you find yourself in the middle of ever-increasing tensions between the invading settlers and the locals, who are protected by manifestations of the island’s earthly magic in the form of supernatural beings.

With a strong focus on its core RPG identity, GreedFall follows Spiders’ experience in building intricate worlds filled with mysteries to discover, weaving deep character interactions, and offering players freedom to achieve quests and objectives in many different ways – through combat, as well as diplomacy, deception or stealth. The island of GreedFall is a living, ever-evolving world. Your actions, from seemingly trivial choices to the most important political decisions, will influence and alter its course, as well as the relationship between the different factions established on the island.

GreedFall is currently in development, and set to releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more info, visit www.greedfall.com.

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