SW Captain’s Log – Forward to Comic Con

SDCC 2014 Wheeljack Transformers cosplay

SW Log Entry: Earthdate 2017.7.8.7

Captain Orion report:

The journey is quiet for now, with a few interesting things coming up.

The most important for this month is the San Diego Comic-Con, happening July 19-23rd. This will be my 23rd year in attendance, where I will mainly gather interesting bits for StrangerWorlds.com, with plans to explore what new and interesting in the creative storytelling arts, especially through comic books and graphic novels. I also have other personal objectives, being…

  • To seek out and purchase an original page or two of comic book art.
  • Participate in the Comics Creator Connection networking event, where I share my storytelling ideas with various artists, in a series of rapid sessions similar to speed dating.
  • Look for awesome out-print graphic novels and trade paperbacks. I am also interested in finding sourcebooks, who’s who guides, universe building type directories.
  • Buy more weird action figures, preferably out of the package.
  • Find panels and possibly meet some writers and artists I have discovered and enjoyed over the past months.
  • Reunite with old friends, and seek out good meeting spots for eating and mingling.
  • Gravitate in the hallways toward cosplay groups and gatherings for particular fandoms. Take pictures and cheer them on.
  • Discover new, interesting reads, movies, games; pitched from passing strangers, friends, and show guests.
  • Not overschedule,  and leave various openings in my schedule for random explorations on the convention floor and panel hopping.

There’s more to add for sure, as  I look forward to another year at this fantastic and ever-changing show. And, I will share much of my experiences and commentary here when the con time is upon us.

Forward on!

“My view is that if your philosophy is not unsettled daily then you are blind to all the universe has to offer.”
― Neil deGrasse Tyson

PICTURE: Wheeljack (Transformers), 2014 San Diego Comic Con. Credit – Orion T

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