Comic Reading Review: Extremity #5

Extremity #5

  • Writer, Artist: Daniel Warren Johnson
  • Colorist: Mike Spicer
  • Published by: Image Comics, Skybound
  • Publish Date: July 5, 2017
  • Notes: Continuous monthly series.


“Thea has followed her father’s every order in their war against the Paznina. But how far is she willing to go?”

Personal Thoughts (minor spoilers):

First off, Extremity has been a favorite new series, for its character development and awesome world-building. If you are reading this and curious yet have not read, head to your comic store and get the early issues; or look for the first volume trade paperback schedule for retail book market this August.

Meanwhile, I just picked up this 5th issue. Does this issue push the action and drama forward, with more character development?

The first few pages are amazing for the opening exposition alone. This features a flashback, of young Thea bringing a drawing of her mom to Jerome, her dad. Such is a bittersweet joy, and emotional considering where it all goes for her future. And also, there is an amazing two-page spread of the castle tower dwelling, which is highly detailed and worth framing is a print ever comes of this. Such is beautiful work, for any reader who appreciates good fantasy art to pause and admire the grand details.

But then we cut to the present, and a very dark moment involving torture-based interrogation. It’s a sad, terrible scene of a man’s goodness stripping away at itself as the torturer, Jerome and it gets worse as he calls in his daughter Thea, now a little older and joining in the grisly act. There is a contrast of past and present, which works great with the panel composition.

Meanwhile with Thea’s brother Rollo, deals with his lack of cruelty toward the enemy and disappointment from his father. He observes the dark changes in his sister, and misses his mother. He is likely the hero of the story, because the war hasn’t quite transformed him yet. Though he considers himself a coward, his strength carries on the story in a positive, idealistic direction. But then back his sister and father, a twist happens back with a heightened act of cruel murder. Such is horrifying, and character defining for his sister. I feel now all is lost in the soul of Jerome, but feel interested in the directions of his children for the future issues, and how they will relate back to the father.

So, the 5th issue is flat-out emotional and amazing for its art and solid mix of drama and fantasy. However, it is very dark and grisly’ far from any feel-good fairy tale or spirited Disney-inspire tale. The art and awesome coloring keeps the focus on the story, with the attention past the gore. My only gripe is the actual gore itself, of which I am not a fan of for being a bit too graphic. While, I believe it is necessary for the artist (who is also the writer) to carry out his vision while not limited himself; there is a slight distraction for me maybe not expecting this much out of a fantasy story called “Extremity.” Or maybe, that is the point of the title (which, I initially didn’t like, but drawn in for the art). I suppose from here on, to expect more graphic moments; though I hope such will not be too frequent and gratuitous.

Still, I am on board for future issues, and this remains a top pick for new reads in 2017. This is an unforgettable issue, which will set the tone for many more to come. I look forward.


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