“The Scrooge Mystery” duckmentary in development, seeks Kickstarter gold

The Scrooge Mystery, a new independently produced documentary project for Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck comics fans, is now funding itself on Kickstarter. The project exceeded its prime goal within days of its funding première, and now diving into its stretch goal territories with weeks to go.

The full-length documentary will set for the 70th anniversary of iconic comic-book character Scrooge McDuck and its impact upon the creative world. The film will also feature Don Rosa, an American comic-book artist who spent many years drawing and telling stories of the world’s richest duck. His greatest known work is the fictional biography of the Eisner Award-winning tale: The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck (a high reading recommendation!).

The film also features carefully selected fans from around the world who were inspired, either by the adventures of Scrooge McDuck, the works of Don Rosa or both. Such inspiration led those to pursue exciting endeavors of their own, in entertainment and culture.


Scrooge McDuck (Uncle Scrooge to his nephew) remains a Disney licensed character who became partially famous through its animated incarnations. But the composite of his character and background is initially owed to creator Carl Barks, who created Duckburg famed tightwad, 70 years ago. For two decades, Carl Barks expanded upon Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, and their world through comics. Barks also created new characters including Gladstone Gander, the Beagle Boys, The Junior Woodchucks, Gyro Gearloose, Flintheart Glomgold, and Magica De Spell. Don Rosa expanded later in comics, contributing greatly to the Duck and McDuck background with further character development and memorable stories.

The Scrooge Mystery project is set for directing by Morgann Gicquel, a French filmmaker who directed more than 30 short-films, and a variety of other video projects. His initial goal for The Scrooge Mystery is to venture across Europe and interview inspired fans. If stretch goals complete, the film will meet its vision as it was originally intended on 16mm film stock, with the schedule set for a finished presentation in December.

For much more on The Scrooge Mystery, and take part in its funding with various levels of rewards, visit www.thescroogemystery.com (link to Kickstarter within).

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