Comic Reading Review: Seven to Eternity #6

Seven to Eternity #6

  • Writer: Rick Remender Artist: Matt Hollingsworth, Jerome Opeña
  • Published by: Image Comics Publish Date: May 24, 2017
  • Notes: Monthly series


“There is a beautiful place where no one ever dies….”

Personal Thoughts (minor spoilers):

Seven to Eternity is a wonderful gem of a series, for those looking for more hard fantasy in their comic reading adventures.

The overall series, especially in the first arc, feels grand and epic. For those reading this, I recommend going back and at least getting the first trade paperback volume. This issue carries on the second arc, which is almost a good standalone issue. The complex world-building set-up may put off some new readers. However, I think with the opening introduction and set-up, part of the fun is perhaps figuring out this strange world, and seeing this grand part peek into a developed science fiction fantasy western.

The latest issue appears to be a bit smaller in scale, as there takes a wrong turn in a cursed swamp. There are elements here, feeling straight out of a dusty, forgotten role-playing game-book. I as a reader had my expectations for the opening pages, and feeling a bit comfortable as Adam Osidis and friends (with Garils, as their prisoner) take a turn. Such leads to a tricky situation involving n evil magical swamp creature and a difficult decision for our hero, where the result builds upon a new character complexity. His conversation with Garils builds an interesting relationship, which altogether with another twist in the party ranks makes for an interesting development for the issues ahead.

The art is fantastic, with classic horror feels and visuals reminiscent of the classic late 1970s comics and fantasy anthologies, but with the modern touch of great digital coloring. The overall issue is an excellent blend of visual struggles, mysticism, and emotional display. While every page is a treat for the eyes, I found the lettering and panel transitions to be a bonus treasure for this particular issue.

Overall, Seven to Eternity #6 surprised me, though I wish there were more details on the world of this.  I hope for some bonus notes or appendix in future volumes, upon the details of this well-thought out world setting. For now, I shall look forward and see what else develops in future issues, which I think will not disappoint.

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