Short Animated Film Find: CLEANER by Sung Hwan Lee



NOTE: Subtitles may not appear. If needed, click on the subtitles/closed caption logo at the bottom of the screen.

  • Director: Sung Hwan Lee
  • Music: Justin Oh
  • Artwork:  Choo Soo Hyun, Kim Do Hyung
  • Published: Sunday, April 5th 2017 on
  • Produced by Studio Shelter, South Korea

Synopsis: ““The future of the flood due to the overflow of waste and environmental pollution. Machine robots that try to eliminate human beings who are responsible for pollution. A lonely hero, ‘cleaner,’ who lives for survivors.”

Personal Thoughts: 

Very over the top, and enjoyable as a short action piece. I also like the music. Yet, something more with the sort of parody of hero-worship here, suggests the olympian feats are just the outer later. Beneath, is complexity and want to maintain youthfulness in a world gone harsh and emptied. There is strange joy in not being lonely after losing his loved ones, with possible hallucinations in the weird talking things, and eventually another human. The cleaning equipment is cool in use as silly playthings. I like the idea of robots hunting humans for the crimes of pollution, as it is they who also see themselves as “cleaners.” It all works out, strangely.

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