Details on the Image Comics 25TH Anniversary Blind Box


Image Comics continues its silver anniversary with a very special Image Comics Anniversary Blind Box, available this July.

Only 1,992 of these boxes shall be available, only in retail comic shops on July 19th. What’s inside will be 25 black-polybagged Image comics highlighting 17 new series for 2017, featuring limited edition variant covers available only for available in the “Blind Box.”

Possible variants are:

  • 25th anniversary variant cover
  • B&W 25th anniversary cover
  • Virgin 25th anniversary cover 
  • Virgin B&W 25th anniversary cover 
  • Blank wraparound sketch cover
  • Extremely rare sketch covers drawn by each series artists—25 copies per series of the 17 selected launches
  • Exclusive THE WALKING DEAD: HERE’S NEGAN! #1 limited to 500 copies—the first 24 pages of Negan’s origin story printed in single-issue-format for the first and only time.

Recently, Image comics added some teasers of some pull possibilities..

A Ig Guara ROSE #1 sketch cover.


A rare Geoff Shaw GOD COUNTRY #1 sketch cover.


A rare Leandro Fernandez OLD GUARD #1 sketch cover.


If interested, you should contact your local comic store retailer soon. Cost of the Blind Box is set at $125.00

Personal thoughts:

I love this idea, and hope Image continues with this perhaps as an annual tradition. I also would love to see other comic publishers to push similar blind boxes of the sort. Blind boxes are fun and addicting. But, I would like to see them exclusive to comic book stores and share the excitement with customers. I will be curious about what the variant covers look like, and to what series and artists are involved. The only drawback is the cost, for which I am hesitant in spending that much on variants. I still may get one of these, and share/review it here on

– Orion T

Special thanks to Image Comics for providing access to preview pages. You may follow them for more info and other great books on their official site at


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