Stranger Reads – Comics Log 2016.8.30 – Another Odd Bunch..

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This week, I finished reading some of the latest tales involving fashion bloggers, medieval knights, aliens, detectives,  superish heroes, and a lot of weirdness in-between. I can’t say my life is improved for taking on this strange mix, yet I feel there is that satisfaction of wondrous discovery in reading new comics.

So here we go with the new issues, fresh off the shelves (with minor spoilers).


Island #10 (Image Comics), by various artists and writers

Another great issue of mixed stories and art presentation. Part of the fun I see in such an anthology is the discovery of creative talent out there. I love Farel Dairymple’s art and writing for the first story here, which is actually three binded together by the observations of a young curious girl. From that, I feel drawn to check out his award-winning work, Wrenchies. The second story is by Gael Berthand, who tells of a fantastic adventure with no words. I love when a storyteller tries for this, and it works; leaving the reader to admire the scenery and feel more on the emotions of the characters at play. The third story is a funny one, with a stranger world best endured at a slow pace, to take in the strange details and nuances, leading to a barbaric yet quirky end. Overall, this Island is the best issue of the series I enjoyed in recent memory.

Hard-Travlin’ Heroes  with Dog-Welder and Six-Pack #1 (DC Comics), by Garth Ennis, Russ Braun, John Kalisz

Why?!!  Because Garth Ennis writes, and this time he looks to make a welder of dead canines the next big DC comics star. Such feels a bit strange is this sub-world of the DCU, where the Hitman now has less presence than the great Six-Pack, a drunken superhero with delusions of greatness. Still, there is some bizarre necessity to bring back the faded team of misfits, “Section Eight.” Yet, there shall perhaps be the story of just 1/4 of the original cast, where the reader somewhat must know some background info on the long-time (yet personal fav) canceled Hitman series, and the spin-off, All Star Section Eight. The odd details and questionable build-up of this return left me thinking, why?! I can only hope the answers lead to the return of Hitman for at least a mini-series, preferably by Garth Ennis and John McCrea.

Chew #57 (Image), by John Layman, Rob Guillory

Finally, we have some answers toward the whole damn series and where I think it’s heading and end. The storytelling is finally showing off some calculation since the first story arc, as Savoy delivers truths and consequences to our heroic cibopath. A dilemma shoes in the end, where perhaps Tony Chu’s power is also his greatest curse. My best hopes are in seeing just how other supporting characters may come in play, in perhaps some changes to the situation, or to save the detective. Or perhaps, there is an end to a strange world populated with much rising weirdness. I have been curious since issue #1, as to what this series really amounts to as a limited tale, and perhaps seeing things come together gives me a little satisfaction towards the end. We shall see.

Snotgirl #2 (Dark Horse), by Bryan O’ Malley, Leslie Hung

I find frustration in this series now but somewhat can’t stop reading it. Is it the colors and awesome art? Or is the ridiculous melodrama on the strange world of fashion blogging and self-obsession. There, some bizarre satire and pretentious commentary in this story where I feel as lost as the protagonist, who for now is dealing with some stalker and a recent murder..maybe.  Maybe I should read it again, or not. It’s all kind of hypnotic in reading this strange comic, of which I must eventually escape.

Lake of Fire #1 (Image), by Nathan Fairbairn, Matt Smith

SW PICK OF THE WEEK!! An interesting read with much more than expected. The premise seems simple, an alien ship crashes on Earth in the midst of the Crusades, so expect Knights vs. Aliens. Yet, I found more in this double-sided issue. For starts, the art with the colors brings much to life as a sort of animated movie that needs to happen. The facial expressions and placement within the sequential paneling is perfect and keeps me engaged on the visuals alone. The characters have plenty of buildup within the story, enough motivation and preparation for that’s too come, leaving enough for further build-up. Further situations of that time raise questions on what such a hostile invasion could be viewed through the eyes of people who have not grasped the concepts of extraterrestrial life, with their minds closer to their religious beliefs. There is a call for bravery and heroic deeds, as to a cliffhanger that terrifies and delights. I can’t wait for the next issue.

Notice #2 (Millicent Barnes), by various artists and writers


Another wonderful little anthology of stories this week, of which I enjoyed. Though unlike Island #10 of which I reviewed early, these the stories within are stranger, shorter, and varied in colors and art direction. Such is a wonderful joy, for those wanting more inventive thinking in their comics, where one can enjoy the strange imaginations of other, and make their own interpretations from it all. I can’t say much more about this, as the plots are hard to put into reviewable context. just check it out for yourself, for at least the stranger visuals and imaginative storytelling sequences.

That’s all until next time. Did we miss anything on the shelves worthy of reading?  Do you have further thoughts on the books covered here? Leave a comment below!

Orion T – SW chief writer and seeker of great comic books and all related wonderful things.


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