Comic Reading Review: Saga #34

Photo Feb 29, 4 28 46 PM

Saga #34

  • Artist: Fiona Staples
  • Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
  • Published by: Image Comics
  • Publish Date: Feb 23, 2016
  • Notes: The latest issue in a monthly series.


“New friends are silver…”

Whatever that means…

Personal Thoughts (big spoilers):

First off, that cover is awesome. I hope to someday have a large print of that, framed and put upon a wall that I am familiar with.

Inside, is another great issue where things happen and the story progresses. It’s something I like about the series, where you can’t quite tell from the cover or the happenings of the last issue on what to expect. It’s all in the reading and the suspense of what may be next.

So that’s where we go in issue #34. We have a convergence coming it seems, as previous issues focuses on a difference world and set of players. Now they share a comic at least. Such is a good thing, as we get a sense it’s all going somewhere and not just a bunch of randomness. I’m pleased to see Ms. Noreen is alive, for at least this issue. This is also a good thing, as I think she has some wisdom to pass down to Hazel. Hmm…

Photo Feb 29, 4 25 18 PM

This issue serves as a transition of character building, not so much for any characters but for the series itself. It’s full of moments where nothing stops anyone. We have many different characters coming together, finding solutions and effect through reason and compassion. Squire feels some sort of honor in helping Alana in distress. Petrichor feels a kinship perhaps with Hazel in seeing that she also has a secret beneath her clothes (though assumes the reason is rape). Hazel gives the gift of a Heist novel to Noreen, propelling a bond between them. The Will continues to work together with his new “employees,” though there are some objections.

From there, I get the feeling that this developing world is calling out to Hazel, and that her present time with Noreen is brief. Sure much is unsafe, and  I think it’s just they see how wonderful her difference is, and that perhaps the place restricts her. So an “escape” is necessary.

Photo Mar 03, 9 10 53 AM

Also, in this issue I get e feeling that the actual “Saga” is Hazel’s narration in reflecting with whatever wisdom she gains to the end. I feel that especially in this shot with the two panels above, showing an example moment of beings apart, yet carrying on with their existence. We all have some humanity, though such is not defined through whatever strange appearance they are given.

I get that feeling of humanity repeatedly through this issue, though it may not always lead to the best results. Someone may die, paths may be interrupted, sentiment could be cast aside. Some sad stuff is likely to happen, but that’s part of the growth of the series.

And, at least there will be more wisdom along the way.

Photo Feb 29, 4 27 27 PM

And, some of it will be cheesy. Keep it coming Saga!

– Orion T

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