Stop-Motion Animated Film: The Misadventures Of Rick And Morty

The Misadventures Of Rick And Morty

Synopsis :

A short fan-made film based on the hit Adult Swim TV show, Ric and Morty.

Voices are done by Justin Roland..the original voice actor, co-creator, and writer of Ric and Morty.

Personal Thoughts:

First off, I love Ric and Morty. I love Claymation style stop-motion here.

But, this is something more than the sum of the two. This work is a clear case of why fan-made films are important to the overall independent shorts scene on the streaming webs. To love a fantastic, well-regarded series work and then absorb a different creative take of the same is a wonderful addition to our current pop-culture.

Furthermore, I would love for Dieter Wagner (video creator)  to do an entire canon episode of Ric and Morty, perhaps presenting this 3-D take as a parallel universe. With this collaboration done with the original voice talent and co-creator (Justin Roland), perhaps something is already in the works. Or, maybe this is canon of some parallel universe. With Ric and Morty, anything is possible.

For this short time presented, the video is fantastic work and feels like part of the show for its comedy style. Having the original voice actor and musical score helped too. I want more.

– Orion T

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