Short Animated Film: Venner / Two Friends

To Venner / Two Friends

  • Director: Paw Charlie Ravn
  • Producer: Jacob Jerek
  • Time: 8 min.
  • Published: Sept 10 2010 (Denmark) by Profile Pictures
  • Notes: In association with the National Film School of Denmark. See the official web page, for more info.

Synopsis : “Albert and his best friend Jonas are orphans. They live in the future in a harsh dystopia where the women and children are all dead. The men have begun to change in their yearning for a woman..”

Personal Thoughts:

Captivating story, that centers not on horror but a thought-provoking coming of age tale for two children as they survive through a troubled world.

The animation is fluid and atmospheric. The uses of shadows and light are very masterful, fantastic in establishing setting and mood. I would otherwise find the entire premise a bit absurd and unbelievable as I have many questions to exactly how we accept this disturbing vision. Yet, the awesome backdrops in the aged architecture mixed with abandonment established mystery and fantasy; setting us apart from what we would consider is normally considered a dystopia in other post apocalyptic dramas. This world, no matter its creepiness and dangers, feels oddly captivating.

The use of some very adult visual elements, furthers this story’s dark narrative. The disturbing smelling of the rag, the group longing for female flesh; very creepy and sick to some I ponder if man’s devolving is something broken in our design, or something primal in those present and collective testosterone levels. Would this situation be the same if it were the men who vanished, and the women stayed? Are there women perhaps out there, hidden in secret? The children had to have been born from a mother. In the short time they grew up, there couldn’t be that much of a change in these menkind.

The ending is perhaps the quite puzzling. A demand perhaps for a full film comes to mind. However, I also like the novelty of this short film that keeps me guessing. Either way, the storytelling and visual presentation is awesome. I would look forward to any projects with the creators involved here, whether or not a return to this interesting narrative follows.

– Orion T

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