Motion Comic Preview – RAD #1

RAD #1

  • Writer: Josh Wilkie
  • Artist: Evan Limberger
  • Published by: MadeFire (for the MadeFire app.

Note: For the Madefire app on iOS and Android mobile devices. RAD premieres 2/20/15.

“Meet RAD – a rare albino dolphin turned Navy science project with a cybernetic weaponized body and thirst for justice. Think Inspector Gadget, Flipper and Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer combined; pitted against environmental and animal abuse crimes in the 21st century. This is his story.”

Personal Thoughts (no big spoilers):

As a fan of motion comics and indie titles, I am pleased to see MadeFire keep that combination hot with this latest offering. For this style presented, the sequence of motion sequentialism appears rather simple..and that’s a good thing. The music and sound effects fit. I like that the comic panels are still there, giving us a hybrid cinematic feel to that traditional old school comic book appeal.

The story and artwork are all right. Let us see what happens is a good approach, as the beginning is none too original or special; just a set-up so far. I like dolphins and animal revenge plots, and I hope RAD will become a Flipper meets Punisher kind of thing.  Or maybe it’s a love story, with silly little Disney style elements (I hope not). The preview kind of just gives us a setup, so again..let’s see (and pray for blood). I do love stories of animals freaked by science run amuck, so my interest is up.

For others also wanting to check out read, you will need the Madefire app, for motion comics published by Madefire. RAD will be out this Friday. For more on that, check out or download the app directly from your apple or android stores..

Meanwhile, here is another weaponized dolphin, long before RAD..


2 thoughts on “Motion Comic Preview – RAD #1

  1. I read it and I didn’t like anything about it. The motion was cool for a page or two, but got old quick. Is this supposed to be a comment on dolphin murders? It’s a comic that doesn’t know what it is, and becomes much too preachy while trying to have some type of childhood innocence, I think. I don’t know, maybe the next one will be better

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    1. Totally understandable. I am not sure what the message is supposed to be either. Still, it’s something different, as I always though dolphins are still underused in modern science fiction (which brought this to my attention). While I may check out the next issue, Ibut would love to see what else is out there for cetacean friends 🙂


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