Animated Video Short: The Reward

The Reward from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

WARNING: Some graphic violence and humor within. Viewer discretion is advised.

  • Title: The Reward
  • Creators: Sun Creature Studio (for the Animation Workshop)
  • Published: January 28, 2013 (Originally for the Animation Workshop)
  • Source: Film – Sun Creature Studio official page – and
  • Graduation film from The Animation Workshop in Denmark – official page –
  • Notes: Planned for an expanded “Tales of Alethrion” series.



“The Reward is a wordless 2D animation short, directed by Mikkel Mainz Ekljær and Kenneth Ladekjær in artistic collaboration with Glenn August, Jonas Andreassen, Josefine Hannibal, Karen Bennetzen, Ole Christian Loken, Paolo Giandoso and Tanja Nielsen.”

A tale of two bros who find a map and go on a most epic adventure. The rest you should watch.

Personal Thoughts:

This brought a lot of joy to my heart. As a fan of nearly everything that I think  here (One Piece, Adventure Time, Final Fantasy) . The animation is very stylish, and awesome in terms of what’s done with this small team involved. I like the sudden cuts, and editing used to quickly show us the passing of time, and elevation of action in the heroes time progression. I can’t think of anything else like this, in such a short time.

The writing says an incredible amount, for a short film with no words. There is a lot of wicked fun humor, and some very imaginative things mixing science fantasy; reminding me of those classic role-playing games (both digital and tabletop). I see the great story to this meaning of the term “,” and how awesome a life-long friendship will endure. You see the incredible feats they carry out; not likely done by one, or as much fun.  I also applaud the message in the end, where such a friendship can inspire a new generation in very subtle ways.

There is much to enjoy here. I would like to see more of this style and animations from Sun Creature Studio.

– Orion T

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