New comic series Thumbs, unleashes its darker tech vision in June

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Image Comics will release Thumbs, a new technology thriller maxi-series by award-winning playwright/comics writer Sean Lewis (Coyotes, Saints) and also award-winning artist Hayden Sherman (The Few), this coming June. This new series aims to be a rapid-paced, science-fiction five issues—each issue a total of 40 pages

Imagine someone like, say, Mark Zuckerberg created his own army of tech-obsessed teens and directed them to take on the government. What would the fall-out be? Thumbs explores a high-stakes world where that—and much worse—can unfold. Charley “Thumbs” Fellows is a member of just such an army. Poor and raised by the influential MOM™ app, he finds himself in the center of a war.

“I was watching a kid play with his phone and how anxious he was waiting for a message back from a friend and it made me think about how anxious all the people I know are,” said Lewis. “I started thinking about the internet and our obsession and reliance on it and the realities of who controls the flow and embedding of information. Was our anxiety planted? Has tech become such an obsession for us that we’d go to war to keep it? Just watching that kid and all the emotions that three dots on a screen were creating made me wonder—do we actually control the tech, even at its smallest levels?”

Sherman added: “Thumbs is as much a story about technology as it is about loss, time, and learning your place in the world. With the great range of themes and locales that play into these five issues, I’ve taken the chance to expand and really push myself with how a story can be told. The hope is for it to be between storybook and comic book, where it could be either at any given moment.”

Thumbs #1 will arrive on new comic books shelves and attention swallowing digital devices on Wednesday, June 5.

Image Comics Preview: No. 1 with a Bullet by Jacob Semahn, Jorge Corona

Image Comics revealed some interior pages and teaser trailer for No. 1 with a Bullet by Jacob Semahn and Russ Manning Award-winning artist Jorge Corona. The all-new thriller series, by the creative team behind fan-favorite miniseries Goners, will hit stores this November.


Her social media, strong. Her variety show segments, a hit. In No. 1 with a Bullet, Nash Huang is at the top of her game. But when the iRis Shutter contact lens hits the market, Nash’s life is personally invaded. The latest leap forward in “technological progress,” these contacts not only play video or augment reality… but also record with the blink of an eye. Fighting to keep her life together after a leaked sex tape goes viral, a clingy superfan is the last thing on Nash’s mind… but that’s exactly when the bodies pile up and the terror begins.

Here is the trailer…

No. 1 with a Bullet will arrive in comic stores on Wednesday, November 1st.



CAPTAIN’S NOTE: I really like the coloring and panel transitioning. The story is interesting too. Will pick up.

Also, huge thanks to Image Comics for providing the preview.