Lady Mechanika returns to comic stores and, and raise steampunk brows

Recently announced, the fan-favorite steampunk adventure series by comic artist and storyteller Joe Benitez, Lady Mechanika will return with in 2021 with a new publisher, Image Comics. The adventure begins anew with a special Free Comic Book Day 2021 edition of her first appearance for participating comic shops on Saturday, August 14. Then, a new Lady Mechanika story series launching this September, also from Image Comics.

Lady Mechanika follows the story of a young woman during the Victorian Era who is desperately in search of the secrets to her past—a past that left her with extraordinary, but unnatural, mechanical limbs. Lady Mechanika publishing run began in 2010, carried on with multiple mini series, all then self published by its creator Joe Benitez.

The entire backlist of Lady Mechanika will be made available from Image Comics too, beginning this August with the long anticipated reprints of the volume one trade paperback and hardcover editions. These reprints will join a total of seven trade paperbacks and five hardcover editions of the beloved series.

“I’m very excited that Lady Mechanika is moving to Image!” said Benitez in a recent press release from Image Comics. “We hope this move will provide an opportunity to share the series with a new, wider audience, and also give us more time to focus on our creative strengths while letting the experts at Image handle publishing and marketing. We have so many stories to tell, hopefully this will help us get more of them out faster. The next story arc we’re calling ‘The Monster of the Ministry of Hell-th’ will deal with a piece of Lady Mechanika’s haunted past. Check out a preview of the new book in our FCBD issue!”

Eric Stephenson, Publisher & Chief Creative Officer at Image Comics also added: “We’re pleased to welcome Joe back to Image. Joe got his start at Image, as part of Marc Silvestri’s Top Cow Productions, and he has grown into a phenomenal talent over the years. What he has built for himself with Lady Mechanika is truly impressive, and it’s exciting to be part of what comes next for this incredible series.”

The FCBD 2021 edition of Lady Mechanika will include the stand-alone short story “The Demon of Satan’s Alley,” which first introduced Lady Mechanika and her steampunk world (Lady Mechanika #0)—plus a preview of “The Monster of the Ministry of Hell-th,” the newest story by series creator Joe Benitez which will debut this year at Image Comics.

Contact your local FCBD participating comic shop to learn more about these exciting freebies and more and don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in FCBD 2021 on Saturday, August 14!

Stranger Reads – Comics Log 2016.10.5, The Usual Unusual..


Here are some new comics from last week, of which I have thoughts to share.

In this round, I choose mostly ongoing series recently enjoyed and something new. There were many more titles to capture my attention, however my time was limited (and my log review later than usual). Let’s see below (with minor spoilers)…

(with minor spoilers)


Lake of Fire #2 (Image) by Nathan Fairbairn, Matt Smith

A great second issue that feels more like a cinematic thrill ride than your average comic involving chivalry and/or murderous alien monsters. Here, we have more great character buildup, especially of one heroic knight saving a local woman from religious persecutors and whatever the otherworldly hell has come to feast on all human flesh. Suddenly, there is a massive fight for survival with some stylish, yet simple sequential art that feels a bit like an old classic comic packed with action and suspense. There is something familiar about the set-up as nothing is truly original, just a mix-matching of familiar tropes. This one is just better done, thus making me forget whatever elements I have seen before. I like the end, where there we have a narrowing down of the brave souls left, calling for more heroism and bravery in the next issue.

Saga #38 (Image) by Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

What?!! Oh hell no!! I felt some the tragic loss coming from the recent issues, as things seem to go to well for our friends in the Sagaverse. We lose a very beloved character in a sad tragical scene that also introduces a new, and instantly hated character. Yet, such done in a way that I feel reminds the readers that not everyone here is safe, not even a #####. Much of this issue seems calculated to make us feel more so for this character as there are moments where said character brings joy, bravery, and love to the central cast. Suddenly, there is an impact on the last page, that brings emotion to Hazel and the readers. It’s a bit heartbreaking but a feat for the writer and artist to make such an impact using a bizarre made-up universe that is far more fantasy-fiction than science-fiction.

Hillbilly #3 (Albatross) by Eric Powell

Issue three is as great as the first two issues, with another great almost self-contain story with Rondel the Hillbilly. This time, he is less alone as he guides others and us readers through a swamp of terrors and dark fairy tales. There is much lore and mythology, all fresh and exciting while the Hillbilly leads on with a bit more direct action. The art continues to draw the reader in, with introductions on new elements of talking familiars and distorted nature. The colors and rich backdrops continue to delight the part of me that loves a god fantasy. I liked twist to the story near the end, solving a bit of mystery brought about. There is more ahead, with a personal vendetta that needs to be met. I remain excited to see where this all goes and loving the journey.

Lady Mechanika: La Dama de la Muerte #1 (Benitez Productions) by Joe Benitez, M M Chen, Bath Sotelo

I have yet to read the earlier Lady Mechanika series but decided to take a chance on this new series. This, because I love that cover. Within, I found much more than the steampunk western I was expecting. There is much to this robotic traveling dame, as her responses and observations have a cool, badass tune. Yet, not be left alone as the usual tough western tropes go, she excepts herself among locals at a Day of the Dead celebration of Mexican culture. Along the way in this strange fictional reality, she makes friends and learns interesting things, leading to new dangers and stakes among new friends. The art and digital coloring are stunning, with rich details to behold.

That’s all until next time. Did we miss any worthwhile reads on the latest shelves?  Do you have further thoughts on the books covered here? Leave a comment below!

Orion T – SW chief writer and seeker of great comic books and all related wonderful things.