Image brings back its rock ‘n’ roll mystery with ROCKSTARS, this August

Image Comics will carry on its musical mystery series Rockstars, from writer Joe Harris (Snowfall, X-Files) and artist Megan Hutchison (An Aurora Grimeon Story: Will O’ the Wisp). The series will continue with Rockstars #6 in its new story arc, “Children of the Beast.”

In Rockstars #6, self-proclaimed “rock ‘n’ roll investigators” Jackie Mayer and Dorothy Buell uncover a sinister connection between a ‘80s metal legend and the hot, new shredding sensation Dani Dangerous.

“If there was ever a genre that fit the Rockstars modus, ethos, and mythological mission statement, it’s metal,” said Harris. “And, with Children of the Beast, we’re tapping into some of my favorite tropes and subversive tendencies from the 1980s to today, including backward masking, album cover mascots, horns throwing, head banging, hell-raising, unauthorized parking lot videotape and the most Satanic of panics the parents of America’s children could suffer. We’re going straight for the jugular with this one!”

“Finally, I get to draw the dreams that I envisioned when I was a kid listening to metal albums before my parents got home,” said Hutchison.

Rockstars #6 opens its act in comic shops on Wednesday, August 16th.

Image Comics rolls out Rock N Roll mystery ROCKSTARS tpb, this June


This June, Rockstars Volume 1: Nativity in Blacklight will release.

This new trade paperback is the first collection (issues 1-5) of the Rockstars comic series by writer Joe Harris (Snowfall, X-Files) and artist Megan Hutchison (An Aurora Grimeon Story: Will O’ the Wisp).

The story: When a pattern of unsolved groupie murders from the 1970s resumes in present-day Los Angeles, nobody makes the connection except Jackie Mayer, a rock nerd with a strange connection to music’s urban legends and a mysterious ability to “see” what most people miss. Together with a muckraking music writer named Dorothy Buell and his loyal cat Skydog, Jackie uncovers an underground conspiracy involving a legendary band, demonic possession, and sacrifices to the dark gods of rock.

“This is the first in what I hope will be multiple volumes of Rockstars as we explore rock ‘n’ roll mysteries and secrets over its many decades and genres,” said Harris. “While I love playing in this world between the colorful lines of music history, what I enjoy even more in digging out these urban legends and lost conspiracies is that they illuminate what’s timelessly common among bands and artists, and shared by different fandoms of whatever kinds of music they love and support.”

Rockstars Volume 1: Nativity in Blacklight (ISBN: 978-1-5343-0190-0) hits comic book stores on Wednesday, June 14th and bookstores Tuesday, June 20th.