Final Fantasy Cosplay outside the 2018 Sakura-Con


continued from the recent Outside 2018 Sakura-Con post.

This time, focusing attention on two huge Final Fantasy games franchise meetup for its fandom and cosplayers. All happening outside the recent 2018 Sakura-Con in the afternoon among the freshly bloomed cherry trees and other fandoms. I thoroughly enjoyed the Final Fantasy games since the early 90s, playing them and collected choice merch. Many characters and styles have held a special place in my heart, ever memorable to their place in grand, interactive stories. Seeing them brought to life in cosplay with the amazing fan representation fills me with much joy.

That being said, here is a collection of pics from the Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy all-games cosplay meetups…




















Awesome Cosplay Groups from the 2017 Sakura Con

The 2017 Sakura-Con in Seattle has come and gone, over a month ago. The event was fantastic, with tens of thousands of fans in attendance.

We posted about the grand gathering, about the event, and the cosplay.

But there was more yet shown from SW, with the large group gatherings of the cosplay. Sakura-Con did well with their scheduling and app in coordinating and spreading the good word for the fan gatherings. Many gathered in short times, for lasting moments in pictures and memories. I checked out a few choice gatherings in my spare times, of which I share in the pics below.

So, here are gatherings of cosplay clusters for Attack on Titan, Neon Genesis Evangelion, DC Comics, Final Fantasy, Sailor MoonStar Wars, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, and some Nintendo Power.



Square Enix Ltd. recently unveiled an all-new cinematic trailer for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

And, here it is:

“In Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, players are transported to the grand world of Ivalice where magic is commonplace and airships fill the skies. War has engulfed the kingdom of Dalmasca, leaving it in ruin and uncertainty. Princess Ashe, the only surviving heir to the Dalmascan throne, devotes herself to the resistance to liberate her country. Accompanied by Vaan, a young man who lost his family in the war, together these unlikely allies and their companions lead the fight for the freedom of their homeland.”

The is an updated version of the Playstation 2 classic released over a decade ago, with new HD remastered graphics, 7.1 surround sound, gameplay improvements, new game modes and more.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will be available for the PlayStation 4 on July 11th, 2017. For more information, visit:

Personal thoughts: I thought I said goodbye to the original game of long ago, but suddenly its strange beauty in both the story and gameplay calls me back (espcially from this trailer). the original was not my favorite of the Final Fantasy RPGs but does have a special place in my collection for what it was looking to do. I really like the character designs, though not as emotionally invested in them as a group. I think this because there was more game than story content. The challenge and better part of the game is within configuring the characters for combat and the difficult side quests. I think I will pick this up eventually, in hopes that this version will be a truer, more defined version of the original.

The Amazing Cosplay of the 2017 Sakura-Con

The cosplay at many anime conventions often represents the best in fandom participation, especially when such comes to craftsmanship and detail. The 2017 Sakura-Con Northwest Anime Festival in Seattle showed a tremendous frequency in the costumed participants and gave the event a special vibrancy for this year.

I present this follow-up to my recent Sakura-Con report, to the amazing cosplay present among the attendees. Below, are those in small groups and individual shots, who kindly posed for the camera (thanks to all featured below). Click on each picture for costume reference. For those I could not identify  but marked with “?,” I would love some help in the comments.



Group shots are coming soon. Check back with SW soon for more Sakura-Con and cosplay action!

All pictures taken by me (Orion Tippens), please ask permission and give source credit to before sharing elsewhere. For cosplayers featured and pictured here, please feel free to use the pics on your site and social media connections (but sourcing would be kind).

Stranger Look at Final Fantasy XV Brotherhood, Ep. 3 – Sword and Shield

Final Fantasy XV, Episode 3

  • Studio: A-1 Pictures
  • Producer: Square Enix, RightTracks
  • Director: Soichi Masui
  • Time: 13:41
  • Notes: This is episode 3 of 5, Based on the upcoming video game Final Fantasy XV.

Synopsis :

“This 3rd episode of BROTHERHOOD FINAL FANTASY XV focuses on Gladiolus and Noctis and the childhood event that strengthens their friendship. BROTHERHOOD FINAL FANTASY XV delves into the extraordinary friendships between Crown Prince Noctis and his three comrades, setting the stage for the adventure players will set out upon in the action RPG. Subsequent episodes will be released before the game’s launch on September 30, 2016.

Episodes 1 and 2 are viewable on the official FFXV YouTube channel. Details on the game can be found at

Personal Thoughts:

I wasn’t as hyped up for Final Fantasy XV as a game, until I started seeing the thought put into its characters through the game trailers and the animated FF XV: Kingsglaive movie special. FF XV: Brotherhood takes the latest installment a step further in short strides; with extra background details to its protagonists, can be engaging enough for those with no interest in the game. The game and anime shorts are complements of the other.

Episode 3 is a story itself with no needed continuity from episode 1 or 2. It stands alone. Here, focuses on the characters of Gladiolus and Noctus, two characters playable on the game it’s base on. Here, both have rich histories in royalty and high privilege, yet not caught up with advantages of each. Noctis comes off as a caring and loving soul, with much depth one would want in a prince of some magnificent kingdom. While we have the usual anime tropes of isolation and boyhood struggle, there is an old-fashioned feel about him with his humbleness and heroism. He protects those he cares about, while taking responsibility for his actions. It’s a of that heroism through will that makes him strong, as we see his fighting skills are a bit lacking early on.

Gladiolus meanwhile is the brother, a sort of protector type we find. Also a good man, but a necessary addition to the crew as someone whose extra strength and brotherly friendship is necessary to a “brotherhood.” I love how this ends, coming back full circle to the training as Gladiolus sees the greatness but in the heart of Noctis, not his sword skills.

The anime is fair and typical of modern anime shows, with no innovation in visual or storytelling styles. However, the backgrounds and details of the FFXV world adds a unique ambiance to the setting and style. The comforts of royalty and enclosed city life in the flashbacks are an interesting contrast to the current settings filled with the consistent dangers of the open world.  The inside city life has rain and enclosed suggest coming restraint and struggle, while the blue skies and freedom suggest an optimistic outlook. FFXV is an interesting choice for the series direction, with mystery on where that goes. At least, the ongoing theme of companionship shall see things through, as long as someone picks up the controller.

Overall, this is the best of the three episodes so far, as I look forward to the remaining two.

– Orion T


– Orion T

Cosplay fun outside the 2016 Sakura Con, Seattle


Last weekend in Seattle, was a fantastic time for local fans of anime, manga, comics, gaming; to get together and mingle in their colorful attire and fandoms.

That time being of the 2016 SakuraCon, the Pacific Northwest convention for the mostly import Japanese geek culture. Not everyone (including myself) held tickets to join the fun inside. Yet outside and behind the convention floors, plenty of public space under the for attendees and whoever else share interest. The cherry blossom trees still had much bloom left after the recent harsh weather, to give that extra special atmosphere.

I did mingle for much of the day, seeing friends new and old. While here, I took pictures of some highlights I noticed, with notes from observations..


Saturday was best for the most part giving daylight and light to the cheerful gathering..


A yearly tradition continues here, involving a large hug circle game.


The Naruto fandom still remains strong, and  very colorful.


From Final Fantasy X,  Yuna and Tidus share an awkward laugh


The cast of the popular Five Nights at Freddys horror game. I’m a bit surprised at its popularity.


A Malboro creature from the Final Fantasy games. Watch out for it’s poison gas attacks!


Not sure what this is from, but thought it was cool.


Ganandorf (not sure, haven’t really played those games) selfies with many Links!


Links on guard!


Steven Universe, I was told..


Megamind in real life!


Morphing time against Predating time!


Fantastic Rage of Bahamut presence


Time for some J-Pop style dancing!


Homestuck fans gathered up.


Nintendo Power!


The closing of a hug circle.


Mercy from Overwatch.


Porco Russo takes a break


Alphonse Elric shows us the real person inside


Vi from League of Legends is ready to bring the pain


Some Pokémon, reminding you need to catch them all!


From Naruto, much later in the series I am told..


Not sure who this is, but I love the colorful colorness


No-Face chills..


That’s all for this year!

Orion T

All pictures taken by me (Orion Tippens), please ask permission and give source credit to before sharing elsewhere