Superspy Baboushka returns for new action, in GHOST STATION ZERO

This September from Image Comics, writer Antony Johnston (The FuseAtomic Blonde/The Coldest City) and artist Shari Chankhamma (The Fuse) will launch Ghost Station Zero, a new four-issue Codename Baboushka mission.

“Ghost Stations” are abandoned Soviet bases from the Cold War, long forgotten and useless…or so people think! When an EON agent goes missing on the trail of a ghost station in the Swiss mountains, Mr. Clay turns to crime-boss-turned-blackmailed- international-superspy Baboushka to investigate—and what she finds is explosive!

“Fans already know that Baboushka is an all-action modern pulp heroine,” said Johnston. “But we hope people new to her adventures (especially fans of Atomic Blonde, ahem) will get on board the roller coaster ride of Ghost Station Zero, because we’re turning it up to 11, cutting the brake lines, and mixing our metaphors all over the place. New villains, new gadgets, new plots to take over the world…all in a day’s work for Baboushka, who of course looks fabulous while doing it.”

“It’s been too long since the last arc, but I’m happy to be back with Baboushka and Antony again!” said Chankhamma. “This time, we get to see her in a lot more different environments, and with that, more opportunities to show what she’s capable of. This is a really action-packed arc with Baboushka constantly trying to get out of one tricky situation, just to get into another. And of course, we’ve got a lot more explosions. I’m getting pretty good at rendering explosions.”

Ghost Station Zero #1 will have two covers, with Cover A by Chankhamma and Cover B by Becky Cloonan. Both will arrive in comic book stores Wednesday, August 2nd.

SW Captain’s note – The first series is highly recommended for those just catching on, now available in trade paperback, Codename Baboushka, Volume 1: The Conclave Of Death.

Rich Tommaso brings anthropomorphic espionage with SPY SEAL, in August

This August, critically-acclaimed cartoonist Rich Tommaso (She-Wolf) will launch an all-new series of anthropomorphic espionage with Spy Seal, from Image Comics.

Originally created by Tommaso in his teens, Spy Seal made a big splash when it became instantly viral last fall, generating fan enthusiasm, cosplay, and Hollywood interest before being snapped up for an ongoing series. The series’ first chapter, “The Corten-Steel Phoenix,” finds Spy Seal, Britain’s newest covert agent, up to his neck in saboteurs, snipers, assassins, and double agents.

“It’s wonderful and surreal to be working with material that I created as a 13-year-old kid,” said Tommaso. “I’m enjoying doing a spy story too—it’s a genre I’ve never explored in my adult career as a cartoonist.

“The approach I’ve decided to take is to illustrate, write, and design everything in the style of those mid-20th-century Franco-Belgian comics—mainly Hergé’s Tintin, which I’ve really admired for years,” added Tommaso. “I’m going for the cozy feel I get from reading those old adventure comics, sending Spy Seal around the world to see as many corners of it as he can, while flying high in amphibious planes, driving retro-modern cars, exploring secret, underground hideouts, and meeting foreign contacts in mysterious locations. Basically, run him through the gamut of obstacles Alfred Hitchcock would run his heroes and heroines through.”

Spy Seal #1 arrives in comic book stores on Wednesday, August 16th.