Mary and Brian Talbot set to release their next graphic novel, RAIN.


Dark Horse Comics recently announced Rain, a new upcoming graphic novel from acclaimed writer/historian Mary M Talbot and artist (and husband) Bryan Talbot, set for this Fall.

Rain is the story of the growing relationship between two young women, one an environmental activist, set against the backdrop of the disastrous 2015 floods in northern England. Their local wild Brontë moorlands are being criminally mismanaged, crops are being poisoned, and birds and animals are being slaughtered. While the characters are fictional, the tragedy is shockingly real.

Rain is the fourth graphic novel collaboration between Mary M Talbot and husband Bryan Talbot, a partnership that has produced the award-winning Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes, Sally Heathcote: Suffragette (with Kate Charlesworth), and The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia.

The Rain graphic novel will go on the retail shelves of comic and book stores everywhere, on October 11, 2019, in hardcover, landscape-format, and will retail for $24.99.

Climate change pulls in vampiric horror with DARK FANG


Dark Fang, an ecological action thriller is coming to comic stores from Image Comics, this November. This new series, by writer Miles Gunter (NYC Mech) and artist Kelsey Shannon (Bastard Samurai), will expand on the dangers of climate change, with a supernatural twist.

When Valla lived, she was a fisherwoman. In death, she is a vampire, peacefully residing on the bottom of the ocean—until a mysterious dark plague descends upon her aquatic paradise. Searching for answers on the surface, Valla finds a world headed toward an environmental collapse that will ultimately wipe out her food supply. Now, to stay fed, she must take on the juggernaut that is the global fossil fuel industry.

Climate change deniers beware: Dark Fang is coming.

Dark Fang was largely born out of the anger and frustration I feel towards people either denying or having an apathetic attitude towards climate change,” said Gunter. “Working on this book has been a fun catharsis for all my frustration about the issue, and I hope it will be a catharsis for others who feel the same way.”

“I’ve worked on many books that are devoid of any meaning beyond its own self-contained universe,” said Shannon. “But this is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to invest myself in something that is not only fun and sexy, but also has meaning beyond itself and our art form. It actually has something important to say and I find that tremendously exciting!”

Dark Fang #1 arrives in stores Wednesday, November 15th.