Gamers rally in Animal Crossing to support Black Lives

On Saturday 20th, the fight for racial equality will take place on an Animal Crossing island called Isle of Buns, owned by Adelle Lin.

“I was inspired to “say their names” and wanted to create a memorial space with the time I was spending in Animal Crossing. Coupled with not being able to be out to protest because of Covid, it made sense to try to protest from home,” explained rally organizer Adelle Lin. “There are many others who feel the same and this is an avenue for us to connect with the movement.”

At Adelle’s rally, players can donate directly to organizations and show receipts for unique artwork. For those unable to donate money, her rally uses a unique donation matching system using in-game Bells currency. “Bells are the animal crossing in game currency that you earn by doing a variety of things – picking fruit, making items, planting money trees, popping balloons and most lucratively selling turnips on the “stalk” market,” Adelle explained. “Players spend loads of time gathering these bells and are valuable to building your island. I’d like to offer a way for friends with variable income like artists to also participate in donating, which is rewarding in itself. By donating in game currency, I’ll personally exchange that at a rate of 99,000 bells to $100 cash donations.”

Within the game, an area for donations is split between different charities. The player walks over to the donation area for the charity they want, drop bells, and tells Adelle which charity and how much, they want donated on their behalf.

Anyone can come visit via an Animal Crossing turnip code link or tune in via twitch. Visit the livestream Saturday at 6P EST.

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2019’s Con Season Begins at Wondercon

Last weekend, comic book fans and cosplayers took over Anaheim, California to celebrate Wondercon, now in its 32nd year.  The sold-out show brought an estimated 66,000 attendees, making it now half the size of San Diego Comic Con.  Con season has officially begun, and here are some of our favorite moments….



Wondercon made a return to Anaheim this year. A giant Bumblebee guarded the entrance by Harbor.


The vendor hall was bustling on Saturday, but fairly empty Friday. DC’s booth featured Shazam costumes and Batman cowls throughout the year.


Greg Capullo greets fans at the DC booth.

Exploding Kittens was a popular booth this year, with a puppet-based interactive game where you could buy random objects for a dollar. I watched someone walk away with an eggplant.


Wondercon always attracts fun cosplayers and pushes the envelope for creativity.


Just your local robots out for an evening stroll after spa day at the hotel.



Hey look, we found her!


Venom gets a classy tux treatment in this handcrafted creation.




We wrapped our day at the Unnecessary Debates panel, moderated by Grand Geek Gathering’s Tyler McPhail. Our favorite part was Olivia singing as Groot.


Jenny Jaffe (writer, Big Hero Six TV series), Tyler McPhail (host of The Grand Geek Gathering), Genevieve Cosplay, Abed Gheith (writer, Rick and Morty), and Olivia Olson (Marceline from Adventure Time)


Wondercon is always a favorite because it has that oldschool SDCC feel to us. There’s a good balance of comics, games, sci-fi, and cosplay, and many of our favorite guests and creators. The panels are creative and thoughtful, but also full of exciting announcements. We can’t wait to go back – Wondercon 2020 will be held Easter weekend, April 10-12 at the Anaheim Convention Center.