How the trending #SixFanarts challenge helps art communities in this tough time

What is the #SixFanarts art challenge? It’s a collective new trend hitting the comics art community, and a testament of social media beauty for a tough time.

Amid this terrible COVID-19 crisis and quarantines in significant areas, an incredible little challenge has grown from the heart of the fan art artistic community in mid-March. This challenge is simple, as the template says below (as started by artist comic book Melissa Capriglione through her Twitter account @mcapriglioneart). Post the templates. ask for six characters to draw, then follow through on requests:

The result has been noticeably impressive for many reasons. It initially gives a fresh challenge to try something new, gives their perspective on a beloved pop culture icon, or show appreciation for something a little more obscure. The process offers range across mediums of the graphic arts, cinema, serialized work, interactive games, and much more. The exercise encourages communication between fans and artists, finding out more of just what the audience enjoys. Maybe seeing your favorite artists take on something different that caters to something different in the realms of geek culture can catch by surprise. Sometimes, the artist’s interpretation can shed new artistic light on a favored character. The finished work gives indie artists some fresh exposure through the hashtag and ties the community closer. It’s timeliness is also helping artists cope through this very difficult time.

#SixFanarts is a remarkable trend, which I hope it carries for much longer. It will also help bridge various sub-genres of pop cultures, closer together. In the meantime, here are some favorite results across Twitter. Note the creative use of lettering, space, and composition on some.

And there is are many more posted finished pieces across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more to check out just by searching the #SixFanarts. With that, I encourage anyone who appreciates fan art to check out, discover new artists, and help support the community.

And try it yourself. Here is the template…

Reach out, see what you can do, and be ready to surprise yourself and others!

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