Casual adventuring through the 2019 Emerald City Comic Con


Last weekend, was another wonderful time at the annual Emerald City Comic Con for 2019, here in Seattle.

For me, it was my sixth year in attendance, still being easily accessible to my local home area. But, I wasn’t able to attend the full show, with just the weekend available for me. I kept my time simple to casual shopping, small panels, chatting with old and new friends. My con time was chill, and that was enough for now.

Here are some pictures, with notes:

ECCC was as usual, very family friendly. Getting in the spirit sometimes could just be putting on a mask while still being yourself.


I spent the most time on the main Exhibit Floor. While there was a presence of comic indie publishers, I noticed a larger rise in art sold as prints of all sizes, ranging from postcards to large posters. A wide range of styles, through traditional paints to sophisticated digital art. There was something for everyone to purchase or just admire.


Artist alley was full of awesome artists; many ready to meet, greet, buy prints for sale, and set up commissions (the best you can really get from an admired artist).  My first purchase from ECCC was a few stickers from Ian Flynn, Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog comics artist.


Tim Sale, legendary artist best known in my opinion for Batman: The Long Halloween.


Terry Huddleston, a proud and awesome artist presenting his work on the Exhibit Floor.  You can see more at


Artist Brianna Garcia poses with an awesome commission original piece of Captain Marvel and Goose… beautiful work! check out more of her work at


A new favorite painter, whose stunning work I admired and purchased. She is super awesome to talk to as well. Check out the work of Mia Araujo at She is also working on an interesting take on Alice in Wonderland illustrative book, that you can follow and support through Patreon at


I just really like this attendees Star Wars shirt, with art by Shag.


A convention is nothing without its silly stuff to purchase, and maybe add unusual character in your life.


Really awesome classic Planet of the Apes pro-makeup work and prosthetic, as the mouth moves. I was told this work took many hours, and I like the result.


The ECCC has a huge amount of space for tabletop gaming, with something for everyone whether into quick card battles or large elaborate scenarios. Here is just a small portion of a display set up for Forgotten Fortress, miniatures RPG game.


Later on, Saturday after the lines died down for exclusives, the Funko booth had some of their artists do some Pop sketches for fans of their work.


Funko Pops as still popular, and plentiful on the showroom floor. Some still command some crazy prices.


But the best collectibles I feel are those that hold or will hold some sentimental value. Getting something signed, with something more like a picture or a sketch makes the whole show worthwhile.


ECCC is still a great place for geek attire. I was really tempted to buy one of these awesomely silly Pokemon shirts…

Photo Mar 16, 1 02 17 PM

The Dark Horse Comics booth had a cool wall for attendees to color…

Photo Mar 17, 1 30 28 PM

And the main event of ECCC, the Western Championships of cosplay on Saturday showed off the best craftsmanship in several categories.


Regarding cosplay, there was plenty of dress-up fandom representation everywhere. I will share more in another post soon.


And, that’s enough for this year. Overall, a great time but not entirely epic because I didn’t go out of my way for big experiences or crazy goals in mind. Sometimes, you just have to take that con time easy, and naturally mix in.


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