Stranger Reads, Comic Review – Saga #41



Saga #41 (Image) by Fiona Staples, Brian K. Vaughan

““THE WAR FOR PHANG,” Part Five. Alana and Marko get their war on.”

Another great chapter, carrying on the grand story that kept fans fixated since the first chapter. Yet here, are some scary moments set-apart by tensions building up for some supporting characters. Robot, is perhaps the most unpredictable in his drugged out state on the verge of homicide, or suicide. For that time, there is a sort of conscious part of him fighting bizarre impulses, which I think touches upon serious mental illness developments. Alana is a great heroine, looking to help him and appeal to the good in him through reason. Such makes me think of the plight of those who deal with mentally ill people, whether brought upon by mind-altering substance or not. There was an interesting last moment of Robot before getting knocked out, as he comes to his senses and worries on the consequences of his actions. I hope the actions may bring strength and meaning to his otherwise sad existence.

Meanwhile, The March finally arrives with threatening intentions, putting all around them in a most dangerous predicament. The result is gratifying, where the true hero is revealed and all is well for now, and I dropped the book for applause. In between, a bittersweet and separation of The Will and other friends. Such was sad to see The Will and Lying Cat depart, yet fitting to see neither will be alone and I look forward to where the paths go. Sophie’s story, I hope will continue on a much longer thread, perhaps the span of the series itself.

The art is great, through for this issue there is nothing new in crazy visuals or shocking situations. Such is good and not to be squandered too heavily. This issue feels traditionary for its happenings, and perhaps the time for greater change is coming soon. I feel somewhat prepared, but a little on edge too.


Orion T , SW chief writer and seeker of great comic books and all related wonderful things. 


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