Stranger Reads, Comics Log 2016.6.26, Recent New Summer Fresh Reads..

We love our comic books, especially the latest from the prior Wednesday when new single issues are available. Lately, I scoped out some favorite reads and looked into some new freshness. Below, are those recent comics highlights with short reviews, all worth a good look…


Drifter #12 (Image Comics), by Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein

Pacing is a bit slow, but for those who truly appreciate Drifter; that’s one of it’s best qualities as truly great storytelling takes time. However for this issue, I feel a bit lost in the sort of fragmented storytelling and odd pacing. There are more mysteries presented on the overall setting, which keeps me guessing on its overall question of the bigger picture. I’m also in question to the overall importance to the this current cast and lack of a main character. Still, the visuals are pretty (especially the colors) and the off science fiction elements, unusual writing style keep me excited. I look forward to the next issue.

TMNT: Bebop and Rocksteady Destroy Everything #4 (IDW), Ben Bates and Dustin Weaver, many assorted artists

This series is turning into one hell of a wild ride for hardcore TMNT fans. Bebop and Rocksteady up the ante for the continual time paradoxes they cause, enough to freak out ol Doc Brown in trying to comprehend it all. Also, the art adds to the insanity, as we get sudden changes in visuals with each shift in time. Throughout, Rocksteady and Bebop are hilarious reckless and careless in constant hi-jinks, leaving our Heroes in a Half Shell in a struggle to keep up. I love it all this far, especially the subtle character depth given to our destructive duo. With only one issue left, I think this spinoff will end up a very underrated classic.

She Wolf #1 (Image), by Rich Tommaso

Though I appreciate the unique creative effort, I don’t feel the art works for me. I put this forth, as the book is far more visual on its storytelling than others if it’s genre, Yet, there is something working for the protagonist woman affected by a werewolf bite, and the bizarre colorful world that revolves. There is a very Kafkaesque feel to her changes and reactions. The watercolor style and use of creative transitions give an interesting twist to the werewolf horror genre. She Wolf has teeth, but the worthwhile story here has yet to take effect. Still, worth a look.

Godzilla: Oblivion #4 (IDW), by Josh Fialkov and Brian Churilla

The Godzilla comics are growing on me, especially since the epic Godzilla in Hell series. There’s a campy bit of humor fitting for a book starring a giant rampaging lizard monster, being force of correction against human irresponsibility and unnatural threats of a gargantuan nature. Here still, we have Godzilla against classic Toho monsters with some odd twists. It’s interesting to see where all this goes, to where I think will be a fun action-packed romp that will carry on beyond the series. Overall, better than the recent movie.

Lucas Stand #1 (Boom! Studios), by Caitlin Kittredge, Kurt Sutter, Jesse Hervas

Here, we put forth an unlikely war-vet protagonist with PTSD, substance abuse problems , and mental breakdowns; put into a world of time travel, mysterious organizations, and supernatural strangeness. The whole premise feels different but questionable in its execution. I feel interest for the overall setting, yet troubled by the real problems our hero deals with. I question if his experiences and current troubles will have a serious difference in the overall developments, and how that would differ from the usual clichéd hero types. The first issue gives a solid introduction and established platform, yet gives uncertainty to its direction. Still, I’m interested…

Wonder Woman #1 (DC), by Greg Rucka and Liam Sharpe

A very interesting turn for DC’s golden lasso wielding Amazon. Liam Sharp’s amazing art lends itself well into bringing Wonder Woman into this new run of dark beastly horror. For Sharpe and Wonder Woman fans like, this is a real treat. For those unfamiliar with either, this is a welcome for something new where writer Greg Rucka has a great knack for staring off fresh and making the most of established characters and good, fitting art. My hopes are a somewhat violent edge turn, as Wonder Woman deals with bigger challenges from the supernatural unknown. Along with that, also the return of a classic nemesis with a new look. For the “Rebirth” DC titles, the new Wonder Woman is off to a great start.


RECENT COMICS (being this a new section and we have lacked in recent reviews on the SW site):

Paper Girls #6 (Image), Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang

After a break, the series take a different turn in setting and time. This time, with fresh strangeness on our untimely arrival of now temporal displaced Paper Girls in 2016. Much is hilarious, as the heroines struggle to comprehend new technology and our tech-dependent lifestyles. The new arc is warming up with little clue on what’s to come except for more puzzles to the greater picture with more campy moments. I look forward.

Tales from the Dark Side #1 (IDW), by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez

I love the hell out of the Locke and Key comic series, where we last seen the combo of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez in sequential art storytelling. Here, we have a fresh, contained story with much depth and dilemma. It’s a page turner for any drama, horror fan with an appreciation for supernatural twists. However, an explained phenomenon central to the story is left with little explanation, and leaves the reader a little empty-handed in explanation.  I suppose there will be more  in future issues. Meanwhile, there is a pleasant surprise for fans of Locke And Key at the very end of this book.

Vision #8 (Marvel), Tom King, Gabriel Hernandez Walta

Writer Tom King has made this series the best thing from Marvel Comics in recent memory. The current story and very concept of an android super hero trying to raise an android family in modern suburban America continues to thrill and build suspense. There continues the dark humor, conflicted drama dilemmas, student twist and turns, and now a new element. We now meet Victor Mancha, a new character and sort of brother to Vision. I look forward in seeing where this goes..

That’s all until next time. Did we miss anything on the shelves?  Do you have thoughts to add on the books covered here? Leave a comment below!

Orion T – SW chief writer and appreciater of great comic books and all related wonderful things.


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