Comic Reading Review: Saga #33

Photo Feb 02, 9 33 49 PM

Saga #33

  • Artist: Fiona Staples
  • Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
  • Published by: Image Comics
  • Publish Date: Jan 27, 2016
  • Notes: The latest issue in a monthly series.


“Upsher and Doff are back on the case…”

Or, are they?!

Personal Thoughts (big spoilers):

The Brand is Dead, as reported in the headlines rocking the world of Sagaverse journalism! Life goes on after his very unfortunate and terrible death , as Hazel’s placement and Alana/Marko’s troublemaking are put to a sidebar. Now front and center, are the latest happenings for investigative journalists, Doff and Upsher.

Photo Feb 02, 9 39 00 PM

We all remember Upsher and Doff don’t we? Of course we do and should, from way back in their issue #16 debut and a few issues thereafter. They were our Woodward and Bernstein for the Hebdomadal newspaper, cranking up the investigative journalism with a very personal working relationship. Upsher and Doff were hot on the search for Alana and Marko, had sex, then sidetracked by a Freelancer (The Brand).  That could not possibly happen again, right?

That result was a poison, with a curse promising death should they continue with that ridiculous “story of the century.” I feel there is some sort of real life, less exciting parallel to our current earthbound civilization.

The curse is lifted, and are free to continue their big story. However, there are doubts of the story’s nature involving our star couple with an updated news on their love-child. So the question begs for Upsher and Doff, as their own privacy is questioned as a parallel (their relationship is somewhat taboo as well). Is any of that enough to halt the latest lead on their prized potential for this major story?

The trail leads to another face of Saga past; Ginny, our dance instructor now living the somewhat simple life. Her place is minimal, other than to advance the lead and make the story a bit more interesting for our investigative duo. They learn of the Royal involvement, adding juice to the developing story.

So that leads into a sort of not every gratuitous sex scene, as our Saga creatives put out there from time to time. Though I find it humorous that their work obsessions take higher priority during such intimacy. At least for this time, no sudden outside interruptions. No more meddling Freelancers for Upsher and Doff..right?

To their next destination we find, the return of an old friend to our readers…The Will. But, something about him has changed…

Photo Feb 02, 9 39 29 PM

Where the hell is Lying Cat? Hopefully with Sophie, I can otherwise assume. Lying Cat best not be dead or I swear I am putting my Saga comics collection through the shredder.


I see at least Sweet boy is back, perhaps as a new pet sidekick. Such the arrival is nice to remember The Brand by; and better other than being a newspaper headline. May Sweet Boy live long, free of tragic incidence. Also, congratulations to Upsher and Doff on their new job. I’m sure it pays more than today’s not-so promising careers in journalism.  I hope they survive for another 17 issues.

Photo Feb 02, 9 34 42 PM

The art and coloring are great as usual. Part of the visual magic of series, and this issue especially, is how believable these odd alien types appear to the reader. Though it could be their familiar attire, or the average with slight variations in body types; but they look natural and relatable to some degree. Adding gills, colorful pigment, horns, the absence of an eye or nose deter less from the character’s impression upon the reader. More so, is Fiona Staples’s artistic mastery of posture and facial expression to present these characters as more than caricatures. I don’t think Upsher and Doff could have been as entertaining without her pen, and Brian K. Vaughan’s script to guide her.

Such are more of the beautiful details I love about this series, of which I continue to look forward in future issues.

– Orion T

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