Short Animated Film: Wire Cutters

Wire Cutters

  • Director: Jack Anderson
  • Musical Score: Cody Bursch
  • Time: 8:42
  • Published: Aug 31 2015 (on Youtube), August 27, 2015 (Youtube)
  • Notes: For more, visit

Synopsis : “A chance encounter proves fateful for 2 robots mining on a desolate planet.

Personal Thoughts:

I love this humorous robot tale, for what it means to be human..or at least have human-like characteristics.

That is the beauty of this short, more so than the fantastic animation at play. I felt taken in by the initially simple, content purpose of this little robot. I felt, as I do for many simple humans leading their boring little lives. Also, we as viewers can reflect on what we leave behind and pass on to our machines; our creativity, innovation, and motivation. There is self-sustainment and preservation. Much thought went into collecting those rocks.

But eventually, we meet the bigger machine. A partnership is formed, leading to a friendship. But all does not go well, as we find an error in the little bot’s programming. There is a bit of greed and violent tendency, enough for the cooperation to fail and lead to the doom of both. It’s not so much depressing, but some thoughts on what we as humans can do to damage our own generational programming of self-preservation and purpose.

The animation tells this story beautifully. There is simplicity in this otherworldly environment devoid of humans, perhaps long gone. We understand the technology involved, atmospheric conditions, and importance of the rocks given value through purpose. The excellent cinematography takes advantage of that well, with matched pacing and editing. The short time tells as much of a good story as necessary, without overwhelming the viewer. And, the looney tuned style end is a perfect curtain call, as we can smile and take in this cautionary tale.

With that in mind, I would love to see more from the storyteller (Jack Anderson) and his team. I will keep a look out, and report back.

– Orion T

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