San Diego Comic Con 2015, Part 1 – Among Big Booths and Crowds..

Photo Jul 12, 1 53 40 PM

The San Diego Comic Con, 2015…

Another fantastic year for the many (120,000-150,000 persons) in attendance. I spent the most time of my visit in the Exhibitor Hall, where the density of humans was greatest. For me, it was all about the shopping, conversing, browsing, appreciating, waiting, swag collecting, tracking, and cheering; a little bit of everything.

Here are some notes and commentary, with the first part mostly featured on the giant booth displays..

The Exhibit Floor, crowded as usual. The aisles are not for the claustrophobic..

Photo Jul 10, 11 44 56 AM

Below the big signs, big exclusives and big displays…lots of people. Strangely calming when looking up..

Photo Jul 08, 5 40 32 PM

Once again, the Adult Swim has my silent applause, bringing something different and awesome to our eyes. They also had some kind of beanbag tossing game, which I was terrible at.

Photo Jul 08, 5 34 33 PM

The Image Booth is still my favorite for the comics love, for their large awesome attention to cover art and the latest good stuff to check out..

Photo Jul 09, 11 38 22 AM

No Marvel Cinematic Universe panel this year. There was still a mighty presence at their booth..

Photo Jul 09, 11 48 47 AM

Free sketches at the DC booth by various artists..

Photo Jul 12, 3 56 53 PM

The Funko booth in the very back corner to the far left back of the entrance, where we are all Groot.

Photo Jul 11, 5 27 50 PM

Meanwhile at the AMC Walking Dead TV booth,

Photo Jul 08, 6 01 38 PM

Bring out the undead..

Photo Jul 12, 3 59 05 PM

The Warner Brothers booth. One place for autographs to the very lucky.

Photo Jul 12, 11 22 45 AM

The Legendary Pictures booth, pimping the Warcraft movie..

Photo Jul 09, 8 23 02 AM

The Small Press area. A wonderful hub for independent creativity

Photo Jul 10, 3 31 27 PM

The Star Wars booth, showing off the popsicle stick speeder from the upcoming Star Wars episode VII: Force Awakens

Photo Jul 10, 11 41 27 AM

New Episode 7 troopers, made of Lego at the Lego booth..

Photo Jul 10, 12 52 39 PM

Cheerful patriotism at the Gentle Giant booth..

Photo Jul 12, 3 49 49 PM

Group signing at the FOX booth. Not sure on what the show is. I was more interested in taking this shot..

Photo Jul 12, 10 42 09 AM

A display within a display, at the Sideshow Collectibles booth…featuring art deco Artoo units

Photo Jul 09, 1 15 08 PM

Awesome Men in Black prop replica (?)..I don’t remember what booth this was at.

Photo Jul 12, 3 43 55 PM

Animatronic Drabbit and its pet human at the Imaginarium Galleries booth.

Photo Jul 10, 11 58 15 AM

Amanda Conner and Chad Hardin on Harley Quinn, at the DC Comics booth.

Photo Jul 10, 12 59 49 PM

Two Gentle Giant boothpersons play with giant GI Joe toy (a giant version of the original Grunt figure)

Photo Jul 12, 3 45 59 PM

Chuck Palahniuk in the corner, signing at the Dark Horse booth. I learned his last name is pronounced Paul-ah-nik (Paula Nick).

Photo Jul 12, 10 29 23 AM

The Bait booth, where you can buy giant figurine works of art, for $8000 each. They make conversation pieces, or conversation stoppers..depending on their strategic positioning

Photo Jul 08, 5 56 30 PM

The Nickelodeon booth, a personal favorite for trippy colorful artful displays

Photo Jul 08, 6 12 40 PM

The Hot Wheels booth, with some BatSuperMobile on display..

Photo Jul 08, 7 56 47 PM

The Cartoon Network booth, home of the Bare Bears now..

Photo Jul 09, 9 44 15 AM

The Ugly Dolls booth. Always cheerful, the big ones are..

Photo Jul 09, 9 46 54 AM

The calmer side side of Hasbro territory, where there are no crazy lines or anger over expensive exclusives. Just the side where Friendship is Magic.

Photo Jul 08, 5 36 16 PM

The DC Comics booth, same as last year..but still awesome.

Photo Jul 09, 12 04 19 PM

And away from the big booths, where the crowds do not quite die down..

Photo Jul 12, 2 39 26 PM

That’s all for now. The next installment will feature the wonderful individuals of Comic Con, who helped further make the show an overall memorable experience. Less corporate and big business, more individual creative love is coming soon..

– Orion T

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