Comic Reading Review: Saga #29

Photo Jun 13, 3 09 38 PM

Saga #29

  • Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
  • Artist: Fiona Staples
  • Published by: Image Comics
  • Publish Date: June 10, 2015
  • Notes: The latest issue in a monthly series.


“The Last Revolution makes their move.”

The Saga continues, with turning points and decisions for our expansive cast. Let us see where this goes..

Personal Thoughts (major spoilers):

This issue is not fucking around when it comes to the story developments. However, these points may not  be the development you want..

So we start this chapter right to the biscuits on those Last Revolution bastards. All seems to go well for their negotiations with the Wreath High Command, to exchange poor Hazel. Yet, Dengo’s presence is not tolerated by General Vez; prompting for a quick execution. This does not go well, for the Last Revolution

Photo Jun 13, 3 21 06 PM

And Dengo is back in full murder mode, as my favorite psychotic android in all comics today. The result is awesome gore, but strangely wonderful on a character I did not like. If this moment played during a movie in a theater, I would be the one giving a little cheer in the back.

The best thing about Dengo, is the good in him adjacent to the evil also inside. For now, we are seeing some good though this was in the immediate act of self-preservation. Also, Dengo got them in this current predicament, and now undoing some of that. While I think this smooths things, out, I think this will lead to bigger predicament involving him and Hazel.

Meanwhile, Marko and Prince Robot IV pull some serious Han Solo style escape tricks. Some abrupt crashing send them hurtling down. To what, who knows..but I look forward to finding out. Alana meanwhile tries for a different non-violent approach in dealing with her captors. Perhaps some conversation will let their guard down, or show some weakness. That may come easy, as developments continue.

Meanwhile with Sophie and company, we finally get some of that dragon..stuff. But along with that, is some very unsettling and NSFW strangeness involved, as only Saga can best deliver to its fans.  Wow, as I love Sophie’s reaction as Gwendolyn attempts to censor the moment from those young eyes.

Photo Jun 11, 6 46 46 PM

I hope there is some retrospect from Vaughan and Staples on the scene with this dragon fellating itself. I would love to know some behind the scene’s tidbits on how that whole moment ended up on paper.

So all is well, as our team has the necessary prime element to save The Will, right?

Nope, not in Saga. Sophie decides to rush ahead to collect the sample, which leads to panic.  The Brand rushes to save Sophie from danger, with sudden, horrifying and fatal results. And then Gwendolyn as well rushes in, and while not as final, could be just as fatal. Overall; an abrupt end to a character I was just beginning to like. This moment like so many in Saga are reminders of how dangerous and merciless the Saga universe can be, heightening the story drama for many more issues to come.

Sophie apologizes, bringing some light humor to very tragic situation. However, I get the feeling she is apologizing to the readers. Can we forgive her?

Damn it Sophie!

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– Orion T


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